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SmartDrive Power Assist Device from MAX Mobility

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  • SmartDrive Power Assist Device from MAX Mobility

    I have no firsthand experience with this product yet, but it will no doubt be getting some attention in this forum during the coming months.

    The SmartDrive Power Assist can be attached to any manufacturer's rigid frame having a 1.25" OD camber tube. It weighs only 19 lbs (Drive Unit: 11 lbs./Battery: 8 lbs.).

    It is produced by MAX Mobility--the same company that developed the FlexRim.

    While it has some qualities that remind me of other power assist add ons, it appears to be a distinctly different product.

    The MSRP for the SmartDrive appears to be ~$6,900, but it is already available online through Living Spinal for $6,450..Will it be a "game changer"? Time will tell. In the meantime, we can speculate about it here.
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    its va approved already, that's russell rodriguez, works darn's everything u see.....


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      Sweet! I want one!
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        This is interesting!! Thank you for the up-date on the new gadget SCI_OTR.


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          Very nice


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   he get it outa the pic pricey......and it will like to veer right and left without you driving with your hands. IMO its a bandaid for the real thing.


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              Do you think this is more "para" friendly with the way he controls the stopping and all?
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                It looks really nice. It also is very interesting.


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                  Originally posted by BRASWELLF5 View Post
                  Do you think this is more "para" friendly with the way he controls the stopping and all?
                  YES....More of a para thing imo


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                    Me want.

                    This looks like the best version I've seen. I love it's small package and portability. Me definitely want. Thanks for the info SCI_OTR


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             exactly like you see it..........gonna be a great product.......


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                        He's sitting in the unreleased new box frame from Top End, too, isn't he? Sure looks like it.

                        That's an awesome add on. I could totally see myself using one to help get around, especially nursing a shoulder injury, like I am now.

                        It's VA and Medicare ready. Nice.

                        Spinergy is officially behind the ball, now.

                        I really like the small form factor of this unit, quite a bit. I had never considered myself a potential 'power add on' user, until seeing this, frankly.

                        When the conditions and circumstances warrant, this would be very nice to have as an option.

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                          Yeah, that's pretty cool.

                          Wonder what the seat height restrictions will be to accommodate the battery, and it appears that ergo seating would be a no-go with the setup in the video...


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                            that's one way to put it.


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                              Originally posted by -scott- View Post
                              that's one way to put it.
                              Ooops. Corrected.