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Quickie Freestyle front hangers, or homemade footrest ideas?

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    Quickie Freestyle front hangers, or homemade footrest ideas?

    I recently got a used powerchair, a Quickie Freestyle M11, to play around with, and I'm trying to make it fit me better. As you can see, the front hangers are mismatched and are quite different angles. I'd like to match either or get new ones at an angle in between them.

    They look just like the hangers on my first ever manual, a Quickie GTX. Does anyone know if this is maybe a universal part for Quickies? That would increase my chances of finding the part used.

    Or, does anyone have ideas for rigging up another footrest set-up altogether? I'm flexible as far as footrest & positioning needs, and would love to not spend $$ on new parts for this old thing.

    funny, that set up would work for me lol. I need my left leg much further out in front due to knee issues, but I don't like my right leg out far and really would prefer to have it tucked tight if I could! My usual use with my chair is my right leg tucked as much as the frame set up allows, and my left hanging over the front frame for less knee pressure.
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      I have the opposite problem with the Quickie Freestyle M11 I got from a local charity after I got hit by a car last December while wheeling across the street in my manual chair. The ones I have has a footplate that I have adjusted to as high as it will go, but its still too long and my feet can't sit on the footplate, they just dangle.

      Does anyone know if a friend of mine can enlarge the holes on the footplate bar to raise the footplate up more?

      I am still having to use the power chair, because my Quickie GP chair is the one that got destroyed when I got hit by that car 3 days before Christmas last year, and the Quickie Revolution chair I have has a broken footplate on it (still waiting for a new footplate from local supplier).