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To stand, or not to stand, and in what is the question

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    To stand, or not to stand, and in what is the question

    Somewhere around 6-7 years ago now, I started working on replacing my power chair that I got in '96. Being an ancient quad with bad bones, I wanted to get a standing chair to help my osteoporosis. After looking at every chair option available in my area and then some, I decided on a chair that finally looked like it would work.

    The chair was purchased in late 2009 and delivered via packing crate in mid May 2010. Since then, company technicians have been down an average of every four months to try an adjustment here and there to get the chair so it would work for me. Unfortunately, the recline feature has so much shear that my chin controls end up on my forehead with even a partial recline. Since the chair only stands and reclines, this leaves a lot of the functionality unavailable for me.

    Now coming up on 2.5 years after receiving it, I doubt I've been in it for an hour total. The chair company has done everything they can think of, but can't get it to work for me. Since I never signed that I will take ownership of the chair, they are willing to replace it with one from another manufacturer.

    I'm surprised and pleased that they are willing to do this, but now I'm back to square 1. What chair to get? The problem with this chair I've been trying is that I have to use a custom back cushion for my scoliosis. It works well and allows me to sit so I can do everything I want, but it's also several inches thick at the top. I've tried other backs with lateral supports, but they don't hold me straight enough without pushing through my sides. Due to this, the chair company says no standing chair will work for me as they all would have the same problem.

    My question for everyone is this, what would you suggest? Do I take a brand new chair that I can only partially use? Is this manufacturer correct that no other standing chair will work? Do I say I haven't stood in 27 years, so why bother and just get a regular chair?

    This is a situation I didn't anticipate, and it has kind of caught me by surprise. I have very strict size requirements due to some places I normally go to that limits my choices. However, since I started looking so long ago, I've replaced my ventilator with a pacemaker and no longer need the extra space on my chair.

    Usually I'm giving the chair recommendations, but need everyone's input on this. Thanks for the help.
    C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.

    After 10 years as a T3 para, I broke a hip bone at the femoral neck just turning over in bed. I'd go for the best non standing chair you can get if I were you.
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
    T3 ASIA A 27 years post injury