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Trying to make solid backrest work?

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  • Trying to make solid backrest work?

    I bought a Jay Xtreme backrest on eBay. I love the whole "solid backrest" thing as such--my propulsion efficiency is much improved, so is my posture, and it could probably be more comfortable than fabric too if I just got the fit right! Until then, I've been having some lower back pain and generally feel a little off in my chair.

    The Jay Xtreme is a pretty low backrest, but it's sitting very high on my chair because I can't get it any lower with these mounting clamps. Right now the top of it is 16" from seat sling to top of backrest (13.5 from top of cushion to top of backrest) and not far from under my shoulder blades, which is higher than I think I really need; even my fabric back was set at 13, so the solid is even higher right now.

    I would cut down the canes if I thought it would help, but the mounting clamps are too narrow for the black part of the back cane, so I don't see how to scoot it lower. Ugh, yeah, Jay Xtreme was discontinued for a reason, but I can't afford a new Jetstream or ADI that might fit better. Any suggestions??

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    The clamps should be able to be loosened so that it fits on those larger back canes. I use to have one!

    Did it come with the instruction book? The book has good pictures showing you to adjust the clamps.


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      User manual is still available online:

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        Done! Lowered backrest by about 3ish inches so that the clamps now hit the rigidizer bar. No real way to do it any lower. I'll see how this works out. Thanks so much guys!