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Knocking sound from wheelchair

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  • Knocking sound from wheelchair

    Hey guys, so here's my problem. OK, so ive been a wheelchair user for the last 3 years and so far i've not really had any problems with my wheelchair, however the other day my chair started making a strange knocking sound whenever i was on it. If i hold the frame i can feel it ever so slightly juddering. It seems to be more on the right hand side. At first i thought a stone may have been stuck in the tyres but no. Then i thought it may be the bearings so i took the castors off but the bearings seemed fine (all wheels spun freely without any gritty noise). The noise only occurs when i am on the chair so im pretty sure my weight is causing it. Im also convinced that if i buy new castors the noise will stop however i wanted to make sure that it is the castors before i fork out £100+ for new ones. This problem is really doing my head in. Its not affecting the performance in any way but its really irritating. I just want to know if anyone has experienced anything similar to this and how they sorted it, any help would be greatly appreciated. My wheelchair is a Quickie GPV and i have never replaced the castors since i have been in the chair, (is this foolish?) PLEASE HELP!!
    PS if anyone could send me a link to where i could purchase new castors that would also be a great help!
    Thanks again

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    If you are not seating in the wheelchair and you spin your rear wheels there isn`t any noise?


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      When one of my spoke protectors gets a little loose, it makes a knocking sound. Do you use spoke protectors?
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        Check the back for loose bolts. Pop the seals out of the bearings and stuff some grease in them.


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,, are good for wheelchairs and parts. Hope you get it figured out! I'm sure the experts here can help.
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            check that your spokes are tight
            they will loosen up and the wheels will make noises whilst in the chair