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    Getting a new fridge.

    Does anyone have a bottom freezer fridge? and is it a good idea to have.

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    I would recommend a side-by-side as the doors are narrower and easier to manage. If you're quad hitch some nice pre sewn half-inch or 1 inch nylon loops through each handle so you can open the door from a distance and avoid the door hitting your chair. You can get these pre-sewn loops at any rockclimbing equipment supplier online. They're called runners or slings and I would recommend the 2 foot runners. You could also make your own from webbing you can buy on your own.

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      We have a bottom freezer and it's a bit difficult for my son. He bought a side-by-side and it works really good for him. You may want to go down to Sears, or some other appliance store, and try all of them out.


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        I do know that from a purely food storage perspective that the bottom freezers are preferred. I would suggest that you take a trip to a store with a huge selection from multiple manufacturers. Take some straps or loops that will help open doors if necessary and try them all. See what works for you. Make sure the water dispenser (priceless) works for you. Make sure the shelves are not so deep that you cannot reach the back. Test it in every aspect. Take your time. That is the best way to make sure that your choice does not turn into a frustration in six months.--eak
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          My wife wants a bottom frezzer fridge with french doors on top. So we looked at them. I would say look at all the fridges. Like to say test drive them lol. I happen to actualy like bottom frzzers as well. We are planning on getting a GE one it has french doors on the to the top shelves pull out and drop down. I dont remember the model number but i do know its expensive. In my opinion some not all bottom frezzers can be handicap friendly. Hop this helps.


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            I found while shopping for a new fridge that the bottom freezer models were not very accessible. The freezer door was in the way while going into the fridge. I ended up with a large side by side. Bigger and more expensive than what I originally wanted but by far the most accessible that I found. I have had it about a year and not once regretted the purchase.


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              I have a bottom freezer, its not the greatest at accessibilty, but it's not bad either. Once I pull the drawer out, I use it to lean on and then use 2 hands to pull frozen packages out. Like others suggested its probably best to demo what works for you.
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                This past winter we replaced our side-by-side with a Samsung that has a bottom freezer, a pull out drawer and the dual doors to the fridge. I find pluses and minuses with each.

                With the side-by-side, the freezer was smaller than the fridge and it seemed that we crammed things in there, so the times I did use the freezer it was a balancing act to not pull out more than I wanted. The doors didn't swing away flat, so they are still in your way a bit. On the other hand, with the fridge there are shelves/drawers all the way down, making it so what needed to be could be in reach.

                With the new one, one thing I don't like is that the freezer drawer and the middle drawer are setup up to pull themselves closed, I do not like that. That said, the middle drawer is awesome, with the exception that everything else in the fridge section is higher. This new fridge is quite big and deep; I sit high and yet I cannot reach things up at the highest. The fridge doors do swing over the legs though, which is nice.

                All-in-all, I agree with others that suggest going to the store and test things out, including simulating how you'd use it.

                One note, we got the stainless steel and I don't recommend it as it seems to scratch easy, versus something painted and a bit corrugated/textured.
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                  I had a bottom freezer, but found one where I could move the fridge drawers up (they actually just slid on specialized shelf brackets that could be positioned at any height). With both drawers at the bottom, there wasn't any accessible shelf to put larger items in the fridge. With the drawers higher, you could still throw things in, and could pull the drawer completely out to get at its contents. Actually, I left one of the drawers out of the fridge, to gain even more shelf space (it was my 2nd fridge, supplementing a side-by-side, used mostly for the freezer space and for drinks and large pots). I had a single fridge door. I actually found that the single door was no problem since it swung above my lap, so I didn't have to stay clear of the door to open it. I will say that while the bottom freezer held more that me side-by-side, things tended to get buried and lost underneath other things. I had to try to organize things well and keep things is grocery bags with handles so I could easily pull them out.
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                    I appreciate the fast responses. I just put the order in.
                    I am an incomplete... para L4/L5.

                    I cannot get a side by side, as I can not find one small enough for the space. 18.5 cubic feet is the largest fridge that will go into the space.

                    The one I selected is an Amana with bottom freezer pull out. I can move, so I am told, the bottom drawers higher up.

                    I did look at them at the box stores, but I wanted some other opinions. Thank you all!


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                      I'm getting a new fridge soon too. The one I have my eye on has 2 freezer drawers rather than one. It makes it a little easier because it's not so deep to lean over. I plan to put a lazy susan style turn table thing in the upper refridgerator part to help with not reaching in so far. I have a side by side now and hate it. I've tried the 2 drawer new style fridges out and lowes and can't wait to get one. I think the Lazy susan will make it a little easier for me to avoid scratching it up.
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