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Advice on chair adjustments- Quickie Q7

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    Advice on chair adjustments- Quickie Q7

    I use a Quickie Q7. This is my first chair and the DME did not fit the chair to what I need but I am stuck with it for another 2 years - so I gotta make do.

    My seat appears to be too high and throwing me off balance. When I remove my cushion and sit straight on the chair sling, I feel more balanced and more able to propel myself. The DME ordered the chair with too little butt dump...ughhh.

    I have the el cheapo Comfort Cushion Contoured. I trim nearly and inch from the bottom - not a pretty job, but effective. Appears I need to buy new axle plates (and appears they are now more adjustible than the previous early version I have). I removed all of the spacers on the axle plate to increase the butt dump, but I still feel like i am riding and balancing way too high and forward. I have almost flipped on my face more than once upon hitting a small rise in a sidewalk. I am not sure I can afford the axle plates at this time.

    Next time I am going to look at Tilite so I have more adjustability. Any suggestions for a fix cheaper than buying new axle plates?
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    oops, I didn't read your post carefully before responding . . .
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      smashms..totally agree, the DME came out once, said the Q7 was the way to go, and then came out with the chair. I am going to try to get some different castors and forks, and take your suggestion and move the rear axle forward and check of the castors can go one notch up. I have been afraid to move the rear axle forward, the DME told me that would make it back heavy and I would flip backwards on my head. But what do they know, they ordered me a chair that is the height of a bar stool :-DDD Thanks for your help.


        My DME advised me against the Q7 because he said it was so tippy like that and he's had to move the rear axle/COG so far back on other chairs to accommodate for students, backpacks, and just hardbacks otherwise the chair flips just sitting as is. So I can see why you're having trouble. when you're in it most of the time though even if it were to do that I suppose just leaning it on something or finding some solution would be worth it for a more comfortable ride. what is your dump set at now? it's near impossible to pay for things out of pocket! so much dough. and disappointing when you want the chair to come to you already pretty well set up!

        best of luck getting things to a more comfortable position for you


          I had that problem when I first got my chair. I don't know if you have this on yours but I'm running with 24 inch tires and between the black axle that the wheels attached to and the frame of the chair there are spacers that can be removed. We took those out to give me 2 inches more dump which made me much more stable. After you do that you should square the front casters, I just the position that they are in so that you don't roll backwards when you stop. You can listen the casters up by taking off the wheel and there's a screw (Alan wrench head) to loosen it up and then you can change the angle of the front casters. It's going to make the chair more tippy so if you feel unstable like that, you can always put on tip bars. I just recently had to bring the front wheels down a notch so I can lower my foot plate a little to equalize the pressure on my bottom a little better. It might've made my chair to tippy but I don't mind it pretty tippy in the first place. Good luck adjusting it all up properly. If you get a good look at the chair is very adjustable. I'm sure there's a manual you can download to look at all the adjustments you can make.
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            The chair flipping forward doesn't sound related to your desire for more dump, that's more about the balance of the chair and things such as front frame angle and what size and kind of casters you are using. Also, what caster position is on your chair? The Q7 has 2 caster wing positions. Pictures of the chair would help us see if it's balanced and if it's acting as a fulcrum somewhere.

            It doesn't matter what model the chair is, if it doesn't fit you it's not going to be enjoyable to use. I'm sorry you're having so many issues with the configuration ordered.

            Moving the cog forward (by moving the axle/camber tube forward) is going to make the chair tippier, lighter in front and heavier in back. Make sure you want to do this before you do. It would also be best to use antitippers if you don't already until you're used to the change in balance.

            I'm also sorry about your cushion, I was given the same one and medicaid wouldn't cover anything better. I'm now using a jay combi that a friend gave me and recently purchased an invacare infinity off ebay to try.

            You can change the dump by building up the front of the chair or decreasing the back. What size wheels and casters do you use? Smaller wheels and bigger casters would change dump as well as rsh and fsh. You mentioned shaving your cushion down, another way to increase dump is building up the front of the cushion with something. You can get creative about what to make a wedge for the front out of, or purchase a wedge cushion.*

            Could you take some photos from the side of you sitting in the chair with your hands relaxed hanging down over the wheels? That would also help us see what changes could be made to maximize your position.
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