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    TiLite ZRA

    I just received this wheelchair. It has an cushion and JAVA backrest.

    Does anyone know how durable these chairs are?

    I go over a lot of "rough" terrain with it, and I wanted to see if anyone had any reports of frame failure due to this type of use. I will post some pictures when I have batteries for my camera.

    Tilite ZRA?

    Are u kidding me?that's a strong stuff alright.
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      Thanks for the reply. I only asked, because it seems to be made less durable than the top end chair I have. I am finding that I really like the ZRA despite some small issues that just take getting adjusted too.


        You must not read the equipment forum much lol. Tilite is a fav company of many, and their titanium chairs are considered the best and most durable.
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