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Another Muscle Chair--Invacare Torque SP Off-Pavement Configuration

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    Thanks everyone for your posts!


    Where did you fine the 4" wheels to fit the G/B motors? Or are those 4 pole motors? Do you know the make and model?



      Originally posted by NWC4 View Post
      Thanks everyone for your posts!


      Where did you fine the 4" wheels to fit the G/B motors? Or are those 4 pole motors? Do you know the make and model?

      that 'chair pictured has 4 pole motors, they're high performance motors from a '04 torque sp.....

      my other camo chair has HD GB motors......i've seen some of the older GB motors on ebay that you could put the 14x4 wheels on but i wouldn't be able to fit on my ramp on my truck if i went that route......


        @SCI_OTR & jakeyboy1

        I think everyone on here knows that I have had a BounderPlus Classic. My last two chairs. With Medicare changes they're making it hard for me to repeat. Like Quickie222se, 646se, and Invacare Storm series.

        Two questions. p
        1. What are the main differences between Quickie222se and 646se?
        2. What are the top configurations for Invacare Storm Series?

        I am six feet and around 150 pounds. Love speed the mostly stay off road. My insurance company gets great deals on Sunrise and Invacare products. I usually just get a standard(if you can call a Bounderplus) chair. 16 by 16 seat.

        If I have to get a Quickie or Invacare. I won't to get the top performer. It is the small details that I'm sure will get left out as I have to do most of the legwork. My insurance company's network as no one to do seating evaluation, not to mention little things like the foot rest and other things that would go unnoticed by someone who is there just to fill out the papers. Would love to see a copy of the order that you wrote for someone else. As then I would have something to go by. As you can tell I am pretty much lost when it comes to these chairs asked me something about Bounder and I can probably answer. But with these. I am lost. Would love some help to get the most high-performance chair available.

        Thanks D Donnie i.e. - damn Dragon dictate


          1. they look different. 222 has smaller wheels. (also the 646 is a "group 4" chair, typically doesn't get funded through medicare)
          2. The Torque 3 is a 5.9mph group 3 chair. The Torque SP is the same chair except it has 6.5 mph motors, thus making it a group 4 chair. The fastest Invacare is a Arrow, which is the same as a Torque but with GB motors. 7mph

          I suggest you find out which dealer works with your insurance company and go test drive all of the above.

          Another thought, If you are driving off-road mostly and don't need a narrow base. Go with the Torque SP with 14x4 rear wheels.
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            145/70 - 6 tyres (all terrain tubeless)
            15 x 600 x 6 tyres (turf and kevlar reinforced and tubeless) are much better off road on soft surfaces like sand/mud etc. They run at low pressures and offer better comfort, have big sidewalls, and greater floatation/contact area.

            Obviously these wont bolt straight on and are wider. I narrowed my own 2 chair designs to keep overall width down to 25.4 and 26.4 respectively, depending on tyres/wheels used. Front casters lightly loaded 300 x 4 (10 inch).

            Just thought people may be interested.

            Now old news chair, reliable and indoor/outdoor capable for a few years. 100 amps, lead (odyssey), 6mph, fast charge capable.

            Newest one... 15 mph, 3000 watt hour 15 year life, 45 volt Lithium ion nano phosphate battery. 45 to 60 mile range, 150 amp (250 peak) per channel controller, etc etc. About to be rebuilt after all parts powder coated and polished. + 5 more pages of info.

            Wheelies at will, from any speed up to about 8 to 10 mph, so the casters miss that "rough bit" you just spotted...

            Battery should last longer than the chair, and enough power to tear up the beach while walking the dog! And RC capable, datalogging built in, pc programming built in, fast charge and graphing of all parameters built in, charge in car or at home / and just 37 total inches long.

            For your interest! Built by a paraplegic in a bedroom... Seriously. Its not difficult if you can tell others what to do!



              I'm in the process of changing from a Ranger X that's approx 13 yrs. old and found a very clean 4 yr. old Torque 3 (w/ 4 pole motors) at a reasonable price... what are the major differences between the Torque 3 & the SP variant listed here?

              My Ranger X has the 14x4 tires which have been wonderful considering I'm active outdoors... will they fit right on the Torque 3 or will I have to change hubs? Are the DK-PCM08 computers more reliable than the old MKIV variants as I've replaced about 4 of those over the years?


                The only difference between the torque 3 and SP is the gear box. The SP is 6.5mph and the 3 is 5.8mph

                Invacare had to make a sub 6mph chair to fit within the "group 3 medicare code"

                Your 14x4 wheels will probably fit.


                  Thanks for the reply.

                  Speed isn't my primary concern, reliability is... my Ranger X didn't give me any problems until early last year when a coupler broke on the right side and then late last year the gear box on the left side started popping so we replaced it with a spare I already had stored (found on ebay of course). Is speed based more on the size of the electric motor or the actual gear box itself.

                  Sorry for all the questions but we've handled all the repairs on our own the last decade and stumbling across this site when looking for spare 14x4 wheels has been helpful. Speaking of those wheels anybody know where to find any?


                    the gearbox has different gearing...

                    regarding buying 14x4 wheels. They are really hard to come by used. If you are willing to buy new, go to and look up the part # you need/want. Then email the part # and ask them to order it for you.