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  • Milage m400 permobil

    I am just wondering if anyone on this site has a permobil 400 with group 24 batteries. I am getting only 8 miles per charge the spec say it should get 19. I think there must be a bad battery my chair is only 5 months old. Other than that this is the best chair I have ever owned the seating system is outstanding, the motors have so much power the handling is great and it is so dam good looking. Sorry but I think the looks of a chair has to be taken in to consideration when ordering a new chair because a person spends a lot of time in it. I always ordered good looking chairs.

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    I have found those mileage estimates to to be very exaggerated. Maybe under ideal conditions with a new battery the 19 might be approached. but not under usual frequent stop-start usage with grades. I could get that with my M300 on a non-stop downhill ride. lol
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