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Acrobat Wheel--A Unique Approach for Integrating Suspension Into a Manual Chair

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    I understand that these rims were designed for wheelchair curb jumping but has this design been tested for other cycling applications (AB mountain biking, off road handcycling, more extreme off road wheeling, ...)?


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      Not tested but this should be a natural evolution. Unless there is a weight issue (and this current design cannot compete with < 1 Kg wheels) this wheel is perfect for adding shock absorpsion to non-suspension vehicles or add high-impact suspension to "common" suspension vehicles. This wheel not only protects the rider but also the vehicle and the wheel...


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        Just to clarify something, when u said it will only work on sudden shock, it means when jumping of curbs, not the cobblestone on the road, right?

        When suspension are to be put on wheels, physically, all the weight is no longer pointed to the spokes, but instead at the hub of the wheel itself. so the hub should be pretty strong to handle the substantial impact.

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        how is this much different to the Marvel or the Icon?
        Icon doesnt change the wheelbase. Seems like the COG stays. but seems like the wheel travel only 1 inch, trigonometrically speaking, it'll only change about 0.25inch (or less) if your chair is 16x16 with the difference of 3-4inch from your point of hub.

        I actually have trouble imagine this wheel works for any chair with more than 4 degree camber. the wheel alignment somehow will make the wheel have problems to stay true. please enlighten me on this. *i know people from this forum isnt living in a slump. we live in real world we dont expect the wheel to fail in less than 5 years*

        Any video demo is welcomed.
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          Yes. Cobblestones do not actuate the suspension. Anyways, most of the vibrations there are coming from the front castors and I think it is least efficient to try answer this at the rear wheels.

          Can't get into specific design considerations but this wheel is not like regular spokes wheel. Its (only) 3 "spokes" work mainly under compression while regular spokes act only under tension. But I think that the forces at the hub should be the same in magnitude (though perhaps not in direction).

          I hope that the wheels will work with 5 degrees or more for at least 3 years.
          I hope there will be a video demo soon.
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