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  • Varilite evolution

    anyone use this cushion? i just bought New Varilite Evolution 16x18 off ebay. sure it was from 1 of you guys. any advise on use is greatly apreciated - bad or good. your opinion means lots. donnie

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    I recently started using the Varilite Meridian, which the difference over the Evolution is that it allows you to adjust the front and back separately. I am very pleased with the Meridian.

    For best performance it is best to reset the cushion once a week. This is done by opening the air valve(s) once a week overnight. This allows the foam to reset. The next morning close the valve(s) and readjust your air pressure.
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      the Evolution is a good cushion, i have a 15x17 and I'm pleased so far. Nothing to add, just follow Brian's post above and you're set.
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        I use it for 5-6 years now (2nd cushion), I like it. release the air while the valve is on 2.