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  • Vicair cushions

    anyone have any experience with this brand. cushion filled with small packing bubbles that resemble my mothers favorite snack - Bugles? donnie

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    yupper, got one now. LOVE it. Vector is very adjustable. Lot's more stable than a roho. First one I had failed because of factory recalled individual 'packets'. After I discovered it by getting my first pressure sore in years...called them and they told me about factory recall then, they sent a new one in less than a week. My preferred cushion now.


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      hey cap,
      have not heard from you. figured you was a russian by now. these cushions way expensive? can't find a local dealer. your stimulite works well when i get up. split time between your 16x18 and thomas's 17x18. about ready to try that carbon chair.
      got 1 of the photos you sent as screen saver, donnie


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        They are terrible!!!! I have had to replace my cushion every 2 months since I purchased my 1st one last december. They are very light weight and comfortable to sit on - but the quality control is majorly lacking! I keep tearing various parts of the cushion.


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          rollin' man,

          Regarding "... these cushions way expensive? can't find a local dealer." - here is one source for the Vicair cushions together with some pricing information.


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            My wife has had two Vicairs over a period of several years. She did not have problems with them falling apart as mentioned above. But the cells compact and the cushion benefits from a good massage every couple of weeks to shake up the cells. Also the cells do go flat. We got bunch of extra cells from Vicair in Holland, and every few months I would empty out each compartment, replace the flat cells, and refill the compartment. Other than this maintenance work, she had no particular problems. She has moved on to a Stimulite with me hoping for less maintenance. She likes the Stimulite. It is too soon to know about the less maintenance.
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              Originally posted by rollin' man View Post
              VICAIR CUSHIONS?
              anyone have any experience with this brand. cushion filled with small packing bubbles that resemble my mothers favorite snack - Bugles? donnie
              I tried a Vicair Adjuster cushion and really liked it, although my knees seemed to want to stay apart no matter how I adjusted it or my footrest.

              I have been using a Vicair Vector cushion for a while now and love it! Because it has more sections, and the positions of these sections I am able to adjust it so my hips and pelvis are more even and my knees stay together. It's very lightweight, and extremely adjustable. It's also very stable compared to other cushions like Rohos. Every time I'm up in my chair is different because of my spasms, and I like that I can continually adjust my cushion to my needs on any particular day. It's also very easy to clean and there is a diagram on the tag of the cushion (not the cover) showing the original number of air pockets in each section, so you can go back to the original amount easily and start over again if needed.

              I liked the cushions so much in fact, I also got a Vicair Mattress after trying many other options. I keep bottoming out on other mattresses with pumps etc. when I spasm. I can change position in bed because the mattress is very stable, and like the cushion it has many different sections filled with the same air pockets (only they are slightly larger) that can be rearranged as needed. The mattress is so light that it can be easily moved by one person, and one of my first thoughts was 'this would be great for camping'!

              I realize that I'm sounding a bit like a spokesperson for the company, but I'm not and I will stop now before this post gets too long. I am just a so happy to have found something that works out so well after nearly eight years of trying different products!
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                for those getting flat air sacs the recall was for these the dme and they call vicair and send you a replacement cushion and cover no charge. I am hell on equipment and love mine.

                @ Donnie... I think we r in the old ussr instead of the OLD
                Ive been busy with 'Johnnie' and moving. just on here sometimes..