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stimulite or other cushion wedges

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  • stimulite or other cushion wedges

    i have mild scoliosis which makes me lean right thus get redness and often abbrasions that can quickly turn into BIG sores. i have been sitting on jay2 which tend to sink on right the longer i stay up. i just started trying various stimulite cushions that force me to sit strait. think if i can last on the stims before i get a sore they might actually straiten my posture.
    does anyone here use a wedge 1/4 - 1/2 to raise one side of cushion to compensate for sculiosis or such. would like to try wedge then slowly reduce wedge height as progress hopefully developes. donnie

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    My wife who is post polio uses a 1/2" foam under the right rear quadrant of a Stimulite to help with scoliosis. She has sensation so pressure sores are not an issue. I have tried various wedges under my Roho's over the years, and my experience would say to be very cautious about pressure damage.
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