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    transit connect?

    anyone here have a transit connect? if so does it work good for you? im going in the morning to look at one im gonna put a lift in the rear i can get it a 2012 for 21,500 and already have a new lift ready to install i dont see where i could go wrong having a new ride for that considering everything else is like 60k

    I just took one in trade on a lowered floor mini van that was being used to transport someone in a power wheelchair.

    If you fit the door, your wheelchair fits on the platform and you don't mind sitting in the back of the van (depending on you seated height) and not being able to see out the windows it can work.

    It's no where as nice as being in the passengers front or even the middle of a lowered floor mini van, but will work for some applications.

    fwiw: Some people get car sick when seated that far back on not being able to see out the windows.
    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA