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handbike to rent in chicago?

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  • handbike to rent in chicago?

    im looking for a place that rents handbikes in chicago - im going at the end of july, and id like to get a few days in. ive checked google and the archives here, and ive checked - unfortunately they dont have many specifics on their site, and the only picture there is of a quickie kidz. the only handbike ive used before was a top end upright, and i had a hell of a time turning it because of my knees - so much so that i think it would be too dangerous for me to use, if thats the only option...

    does anyone know? ive seen loads of people around grant park on rental handbikes before (and they definitely werent quickie kidz) so there mus t be somewhere...
    tia, amy

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    The only handbikes they have are TopEnd Excelerators and Quickie Mach II. Make sure to call which rental location first. They only have a few handbikes, and they're not always at the locations they say they are on their website.

    I'm on the Northside and have a TopEnd Force that I don't use... If you want to borrow it for a ride.