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  • ROHO Quatro Select Low Profile

    Hi guys I need your advice.

    Recently I went to a local shop looking for ROHO cushion. The salesman in the shop recommended the Quatro Select Low Profile. He said (actually he insisted that) Low Profile is suitable for heavy weight person. He said heavy person should use low profile (2"). I am in doubt, as what I know is that thick cushion is more suitable to protect sensitive skin.
    I am a C4-C6 Quad with a minor sore, weight about 80kg (about 180lbs).
    Is the Quatro Select Low Profile suit for heavy Quad with minor sore?

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    I have a two inch and a four inch. I can feel when I've been sitting two long. Can sit much longer on the 4 inch, and its much better for sores as well.
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      Thanks flying,
      I just learned from the ROHO site that the 2" is not recommended for individual who currently has sore. Will the 4" too high especially for around the knee side?


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        Hi Flying,

        Do you need to check the air pressure daily and fill in air as recommended by ROHO?As I found this checking to be inconvenient for a Quad like me who has no fingers movement.


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          I used to check mine all the time, but lately I have not put any more air in it for about 3 months. I guess if its completely air tight, then you should not have to put air in it very often. Do you have a friend who could put some air in it if you needed to?
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            If you have a pressure ulcer now, you should not be sitting at all, regardless of the type of cushion you use.

            The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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              I second SCI-nurse. You shouldn't be on it at all.

              However maybe that's not feasible, so...

              A 2" cushion is not appropriate for someone who has an active/healing sore. The weight is not really an issue, it's more of a pressure distribution issue. I'd love to hear your salesman's rationale for why a 2" cushion is better for a heavier person.

              As far as the knees go, a quadtro select cushion will not be too high for your knees - if the cushion is inflated properly, your lowest sit bone should be no more than an inch off the bottom of your chair, and with the QS, you can level it so that there is less air in the front, thus keeping your knees at whatever height you prefer/need.

              A friend of mine lets his legs hang off the footrests of his chair, thus putting pressure on the front of the cushion (when the isoflow valve is checked to green and air is flowing throughout the cushion) and causing some air to be pushed to the back. Then I flick the valve over to red for him, locking the air in place, and he puts his legs back on the chair. You do, however, have to work to get the amount of air in the cushion just right, as if you set it up so that you;'re no more than an inch off the bottom of your chair before and then move air to the back before locking the air in place, you'll be sitting too high.


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                When in doubt and with a current issue with your skin ("a minor sore"), a HIGH PROFILE version of the QUADTRO SELECT is your safest choice. That provides you with the greatest immersion into the cushion, which means you have maximized the surface area of your body in contact with the ROHO air cells thus giving you better overall distribution of pressure. ChrissyOT makes a good point about knee height, and suggests an easy strategy in lowering the height of the knees when using a QUADTRO SELECT Cushion.

                Good luck!

                Tom Borcherding
                The ROHO Group


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                  Regarding "... a C4-C6 Quad with a minor sore ..." - in such a case; as mentioned by KLD, the ideal scenario entails remaining off of a pressure ulcer. However, some folks live in situations wherein it is impractical to accommodate the ideal scenario. In these non-ideal cases, the dynamic cushions (e.g., Ease, Aquila, etc.) are generally preferred to any of the static type of cushions (e.g., Roho, Jay, Stimulite, etc.).


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                    Re:roho question

                    Definatly you should not be sitting up till it heals...but you should be using the 4"...I know that roho recommends the 4" for those who have had pressure sores or those with boney prominences...I've been using the roho high profile,single valve for 25 and it works best for me...I did have a problem with it 5 yrs.ago,it got a leak and I was sitting on a flat cushion for bout 6 hrs..a sore developed that needed surgery and was off work 5 mos...I sensed that I was sitting lower and had air put in it that day..I should of just got off it and use my spare,that's why I have it in my van...the thing is when flat,you can still feel air in the cells between your legs,,but they aren't as firm as when there is air in them. I take responsibility for not getting off it and I paid for,6 weeks in bed,5 work,,a long road..
                    In any event,the roho is a great cushion for relieving pressure,one of the best,but you better keep an eye on the air pressure,,,too much or too little air can cause too much pressure On the ishchial which can lead to breakdown...I keep mine adjusted so that my ischial Is about 1" from shouldn't have to add air very often but due to the change of temps you will have to occasionally.
                    I did in the past,take rubber bands and tie off the 4 air cells under my sitting bone,then reinflate cushion so ishchial is suspended and not touching bottom for short will have to add a little more air than usual though so your not hitting bottom..I believe roho told me this trick yrs.ago and am not sure what their current advice is on this topic....
                    You definatly need to closely monitor this cushion though ESP.if you are a new user and unfamiliar with how it works or you will end up with a problem...
                    My roho keeps me up in my chair for bout 14 hrs.a day,with very little redness...of course I do weight shifts throughout the day..
                    There is an 800 for roho customer service I've called many times,they are quite can find it on owners manual book...if you don't find it,let me know..Good luck to you bud.
                    Good luck to you.
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                      I am 160lbs currently and i have used the ROHO QUADTRO Select for the last four years and in that time i have needed to add air 2 times, i love the cushion. being 4 inches have not had any sores since i got it.


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                        Thank you everyone for your replies. Actually I have lived with sore for more than 3 years. It simply comes & goes.
                        I live outside of USA. Thus before I get to know better cushion such as Supracor & ROHO etc, I sat on a ring tube (the inner tube of tire) to prevent the contact of the sore, but I have less stability on the ring tube.
                        Fortunately, a friend recommend me Stimulite Contour 3.5". For the time I use the Stimulite Contour, the sore gone. I was very happy at that time. But after 1-2 weeks, the skin broke open again.
                        This was the scenario for the past three year, the skin broke open, closed and broke open again.
                        Then I found a local shop that sell ROHO cushion, the salesman in the shop recommended me the Quatro Select Low Profile, the reason he insisted on the Low Profile is that "it was recommended by a high level of the ROHO (I forgot whether he was the president of ROHO group) when he visited the shop years ago, that the heavier person should sit on the lower profile". I doubted his rational too.
                        I agreed with SCI NURSE to totally off the sore, but I have to sit on wheelchair to move around such as to get drink & work, for I did not enjoy any insurance coverage nor my country provide medical benefits for the people like me.
                        I am still in consideration whether to buy the ROHO, because the Stimulite CONTOUR did heal my sore before.