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Need help with Surelock order

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  • Need help with Surelock order

    Hey guys.
    Im trying to fill in the form to order Sure locks and need some help.

    On the form he asks Name of wheelchair and model #
    Am i right to assume that Tilite is the name and ZRA is the model number?

    Next is Type of hub in center of wheel
    I got Spinergy SPOX Everyday 24 inch wheel with 18 spokes, exactly like the one on the pic bellow. What kinda hub is that?
    Any help is highly appreciated =]

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    If your TiLite is configured as shipped from TiLite, you should be able to do a Serial Number Lookup on their website, but I'm not sure if it give hub information.

    On the Sportaid website it says "The Spox Everyday (narrow hub) is the reliable, stylish, dependable Spinergy wheel for your everyday life!"

    I think the standard version is "narrow" and the wide version is considered "sport" /forum/showthread.php?t=141520.

    Don't go by this definitively, I was just looking into hubs because we are looking for a new chair, and others can tell you more.
    Partner of an incredible stroke survivor. Limitations: hemiparesis and neglect (functional paralysis and complete lack of awareness on one side). Equipment: TiLite ZRA 2 and 2GX, Spinergy ZX-1, RioMobility Firefly. Knowledge: relative newbie for high-level equipment (2012), but willing to try to help others who are new with similar limitations (definitely not a guru, but inquisitive).


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      All you need to tell him is ZRA (series 1 or 2) and Spinergy SPOX. He doesn't need your serial number.


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        Thanx alot. Will put just that in there =]