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  • Help with new chair order

    Hello. Is anybody able to know what the lenth of the chair would be from front of back post to front of foot rest. It is a ZRA s2 15X15 with a V 80 degree front. I'm trying to see if it would match my old chair before ordering it.

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    Have TiLite give that spec. in their CAD.
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      Right now i have a QUICKIE 2 hp WITH 70 degrees front and comfortable.
      With the Tilite zra being 80 degrees it would be much shorter and maybe more tippy if i bend forward and my feet would tend to fall off on rough terrrain. My bend on my Quickie seems to start right after the seat.


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        That length is going to depend on the specific specs of the chair, and will be different in every chair. Many request that measurement to be in their CAD. A friends CAD from tilite recently came with that measurement and she did not ask for it, so they may now be providing that automatically. But it would be best to request that measurement just in case.

        That measurement has been discussed a lot here on the forum, SCI_OTR put a name to it after a man (from invacare I believe) who first talked about the measurement. It begins with an S but at the moment I'm blanking. If someone can mention it you could do a search and read whats been discussed.
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          Schulte dimension

          If you order the chair, and ask TiLite to display the Schulte dimension on your CAD (or even tell them your desired Schulte dimension), you can tweak it to match when you review the CAD.
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