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Icon Wheelchairs - request for tape measure on wider wing

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  • Icon Wheelchairs - request for tape measure on wider wing

    We got a request today to post a photo of the wider wing with a measuring tape to provide a better way to understand the extra space.

    I'm working from home today, and didn't have an anodized wing here, which is why it's silver.

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    Jeff is it possible to measure straight up from the very front of the footrest and then back to where the wing tapers in? I have to have a lip on my footrest to contain spasms an I need to know if my calf or slower leg would come in contact with the back of the wing.


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      Whats the width of the smaller wing?


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        Here are the two on top of each other:

        Here is a measurement from front to back on the narrow wing - I don't have a production version here, but the wider one has the cross brace set back another two inches - we haven't had anybody report that they're running into the cross brace, even on the narrow wing.