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I got my new wheelchair!!!

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    Use It Or Lose It...a manual chair helps!

    [QUOTE=scottc74;1544936]Hi Everyone,
    I’m VERY happy to say that I got my new wheelchair. At the seating clinic fitting I was disappointed when the therapist (not the DME as I would have thought) tried to convince me to get an electric wheelchair. I felt that when I rolled into the room (in a standard wheelchair) I did OK aside from the chair being too big for me. I said to her “I want to use it until I lose it”. Anyway, I stood my ground and she finally accepted it.

    Hey Scottc74, good onya mate for standing your ground.

    I have beckar's MD and I was also told to get a power chair. I initially bought a small cheap power chair until I figured out what manual chair would suit me. I later went on to get a manual chair realising my need to keep moving under my own steam was a huge priority. I actually had to be forceful in my arguments with my physio. etc. on this subject.

    Every time you go to doctor you will always see some poster or pamphlet about "use it or lose it" I have pretty much taken that as good advice and have tried to do exactly that, while i was still walking AND now in the wheelchair.

    Sure, If you just don't have the strength to push yourself around or you know that one day you will need a power chair, get a power chair, until then though use a manual chair, keep your strength up and in turn stay as healthy as possible. yep "use it or lose it".

    I have no idea why some people in the health industry think its a good idea that you lose any function you had left and give up??

    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.