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stimulite cushion ?

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    stimulite cushion ?

    im thinkin of going with a stimulite i have my new chair will have bolt on apholstry do i need a sling bottom or flat bottom on sportaid they have those 2 options and i dont know what that means

    also im currently using a jay 2 witch stimulite would be around the same thicknes as a jay2

    any thoughts or preferences on the stimulites is appreciated

    i see lotsof people use the classic xs or sport version
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    Careful - are you (DME?) going for BOLT-ON SLING upholstery seat?

    Or, G-10 SOLID SEAT PAN?

    Big difference.

    You can catch the G10 plus a 2" Stim Sport in the Repository. Solid works great for me, but your sit 'may vary'.

    Sounds like you're still in the order PREP stage Wheelin, so I thought I'd just chime in. Nothing better than not making an unintended mistake!


      ya its the bolt on kind ive never had a solid seat pan
      to alcohol the cause of-and solution to-all of lifes problems [homer simpson]


        Sling bottom: the bottom of the cushion is slightly curved in a convex way, to match the curve of fabric (i.e. non solid) upholstery when the cushion is on the chair. It prevents the cushion from "bending" when you sit in it. Sometimes this can cause problems with pressure that would not happen with the same cushion on a solid surface.

        flat: the bottom of the cushion is straight and flat.

        But, your sit may vary.


          wheelin 48,

          Regarding "... do i need a sling bottom or flat bottom ..." -

          If your chair's seat upholstery slings (i.e., curves, sags, droops) appreciably then a cushion with a sling bottom can help limit the weight distribution disparity across the cushion's surface, thus helping to reduce the likelihood of pressure sores. In this case, the cushion's bottom-side sling helps the cushion's top-side remain in a more optimal orientation, with respect to weight distribution, when weight is applied to the top of the cushion (i.e, when you sit on the cushion).

          Note; however, that the use of sling is undesirable - for similar reasons - when a flat surface such as a rigid seat pan or substantially taut seat upholstery is to be used as the surface on which the cushion is to be placed.

          Regarding "... also im currently using a jay 2 ... thoughts ... on the stimulites ..." -

          Given your history with a Jay 2, you will likely appreciate the XS option on the Stimulites. The XS option is a less stiff layer of the honeycomb material fused atop the cushion. The XS option does not alter the cushion's thickness, it simply replaces an equal thickness of the standard honeycomb material atop the cushion.

          Regarding "... classic xs or sport version ..." -

          Folks who have used the Jay 2 and similar fluid/gel cushions, who then want to try a Stimulite cushion, would generally be expected to prefer the thicker Stimulite Classic with the XS option rather than the thinner Sport model which presently does not offer an XS option. Incidentally, the newer Stimuite Smart cushion is essentially a variation of the same manufacturer's Sport cushion, with the primary difference being the softer XS top layer as its standard configuration.


            cool think ill get the classix xs flat bottom thanks yall
            to alcohol the cause of-and solution to-all of lifes problems [homer simpson]