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Stimulite Contour Shallow Seat Well

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  • Stimulite Contour Shallow Seat Well

    have got a new used contour cushion. stimulite contour has by far the lowest seat well. i now that this is just a fear in my head as so many rave reviews can't be wrong....wait best record of the year goes to the rapper who sold the most downloads to k6-k12 graders?.........different mindset here. also got a stimulite classic to trim. should i just get up on the countour (i hope the 1 thats my saving grace) or get on the classic first. i would already be up but my brothers are working on their airboats and covered with fiberglass. donnie

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    I had a Stimulite Contour for years and loved it. The deep well worked well for me as a T3 complete, and I didn't have any skin issues with it. Seems like people either love it or hate it. Good luck.
    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
    T3 ASIA A 26 years post injury


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      How's the cushion working for ya?


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        super but red

        Originally posted by CapnGimp View Post
        How's the cushion working for ya?

        this totally diffferent aproach than jay2. forced to sit up strait unlike sinking in puddy. the jay 2 would not correct my stiffness from laying in bed recouperating from sore. it accomodated. the stimulite seems to be forcing me to sit up strait. almost like teeth braces. right side of butt is beet red after 6 hours but goes away after 1 hour in bed. sore of 1cm has stayed same. patience untill body returns to way it was before almost around year in bed. more than 3 years fighting this sore. thank you all. donnie