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  • Bounder?

    Wondering if anyone here has used a Bounder? Considering one, had some questions...

    Are they noisy compared to say Permobil or Invacare?

    Is the ride smooth in bumpy conditions?

    Does tilt recline work well?

    Any other issues or concerns?

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    I read a lot on Bounder and everything I read (and heard) was good. I especially liked the 13" elevating seat and the 11.6 MPH. I didn't like the rear drive wheels, but at 11.6 MPH I don't think center drive wheels would be stable enough. The home and street chair uses a (Harley Davidson) belt drive. The off-road chair uses a chain which can be heard. I loved everything I read but my DME is not a dealer and there is not a dealer within 100 miles. The very best thing about it is that it is the only chair being 100% Made in America. I didn't have a choice in my chairs but Bounder was my first choice.

    Good luck.
    ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne


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      Go to

      Several folks there own or have owned Bounders.

      I think 'Rollbob' uses one. He pretty much has a fleet of the best powerchairs made.
      I have heard other owners mention them there as well.

      Join and ask-->>>

      Kind of a 'Everything Powerchair' place.

      good luck,


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        i am on my second bounderplus. the original style not the h frame. it's a long story how i got my insurance company to buy the first 1. took about 3 years af haggling and going up the chain of command untill i only had one appeal left. then by chance i saw a picture in the local newspaper of the top dog of the insurance company having dinner at a charity function. to my suprise there was an old friend sitting next to him. called the friend that night and explained my situation. the next morning about 11am i got call from someone at humana (my insurance) and they said whatever chair you want go get it. went to custom mobility in largo, fl and got a plain narrow adult 16"W X 16D. replaced tires, tubes, bearings and belts. general self maintenance. i love out doors and it got heavally used but not abused. almost 10 years later i figurured i'd try to get another, to my suprise it took only about 3-4 months of haggling. went with standard bounderplus again as did not want to press my luck. had this chair since september/07. yes, as someone mentioned in a different thread the quality has droped of a tad. this 1 has minor electrical problem that is going to take major bucks to fix.
        anyways the more i have asked and read it is possible to get a new chair every 5 years, thus when september/12 comes i will start pushing for a new bounderplus. this time i am going to push for the h frame (actually cheaper now than classic) and have it white with off road package.
        sorry i don't know more about thier elevating seats. i'm c5 male quad 6" 145-50 and always use standard stuff. i feel so lucky to get what i do that i scared to rock the boat. donnie


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          Rollin'man - did you get your new Bounder Plus in September? We are seriously considering a Bounder for a couple of reasons - standing power chair and it is rear wheel drive, which is what we need to get a 4wd truck. Would love any opinions/advice! Thanks!