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Felt good to be back on my Frh today

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  • Felt good to be back on my Frh today

    It convinced me I've gotta setup the other Frh I've got in Florida the same as this yellow one (minus the carbon fiber rear wheels of course). The stock backrest lean is further back on this one, around 1 1/2 inch was cut before Freedom Ryder sent me this one 4 years ago, with the other one even all the way back is not enough, still sitting up too straight. So when I get back to Florida I'll be taking a hack saw to the other one and cut 1 1/2 inch off it and then bring back the crank all the way like this yellow bike. It just feels so much better this way. I really like the way this one shifts a lot better too. On the one in Florida which is actually two years newer, the shifting is reversed, Mike at FR told me this was due to Shimano changing around the deraillers, but the shifter on this 4 year old yellow one just has such a better feel to it, I think I'll definately be upgrading the lower derailler on the other one.
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