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Powerchair gas suspension system

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  • Powerchair gas suspension system

    Just been reading up on that new quickie jive powerchair and its gas suspension system. I'm intrigued!! Has anyone tried it out yet, or something on a similar chair?

    Heres the link if anyone else is intrigued too:

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    Hi I was lucky enough to be the first user ( the dealers get first trial) of a Quickie Jive Midwheel powerchair from a company called Recare in Oxfordshire. The chair is amazing & after trialling so many including the quickie Salsa the jive is streets ahead of them all. Its manouverbity is second to none especially around my small council house. Outside the gas suspension is incredible as it soaks up our atrocious pavements with the big dips & lumps & potholes. There was no extra back pain or cramping ( I suffer from chronic Fatigue syndrome with awful pain & tiredness & recently unable to raise my arms above shoulder height) the Jive gives such an amazing & super comfortable ride over rough paths it's like it was in a shopping centre. The spidertrac suspension has to be unfelt LOL to be believed. NO other power chair was so comfortable, stable & safe going down 4 inch kerbs. I was lucky enough to get the higher voucher & funding from my charity and mine is being ordered today. I would like to say a huge thank you to Richard Holland-oakes from Recare near Oxford for all his help patience & understanding of all my seemingly endless questions. I will keep anyone interested updated when the chair arrives. I'm counting the minutes