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adjust drive lockout on storm arrow?

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  • adjust drive lockout on storm arrow?

    all of a sudden my invacare storm arrow goes into drive lockout even if i tilt the chair just a little. i used to be able to tilt up quite a bit before the drive lockout engages. is the drive lockout adjustable? how? i can't seem to find any mention of it on the programmers manual. i'm tired of my foot rest scraping on everything.

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    Don't know that chair specifically, but check for a simple limit switch on the tilting mechanism (frame) or actuator. They can get out of alignment as the joints in the mechanism wear. I sometimes have to cycle the switch manually to get ours to recognize the chair has been lowered or tilted down.


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      thanks for the reply MSspouse. the drive lockout for my chair was in the tilt potentiometer itself. i had just replaced that part and it wasn't adjusted properly when i installed it. once i adjusted it to the proper dial, the drive lockout was set back to 20deg tilt.


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        Is it adjustable. You need a programmer to adjust. Buy or borrow one, or set up a appointment with your dealer. It only takes 15 minutes.