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ZR or Q7, that is the question!

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    I have to agree with the majority of the posters here...the ZR series, along with the Aero Z are better in my mind to the Q7. I know several people who have cracked their frames where the caster "wings" are welded to the down tubes. I think the casters are out too far to transfer (for me) and the quality of a Quickie is less to be desired. I have had TiLites for almost 5 years now, and do not regret getting them. I also had to push for my first one (because the Quickies do pay more money to the DME), but I am glad I did and I will not look back.
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      Originally posted by chasmengr View Post

      To me, the inability to reinforce the 7000-series Q7 frame speaks loudly about its durability - along with some vague rumors of cracked frames and actual CCC posts about Q7 issues. TiLite had some issues, too (with new series-2 hardware and CF axles), but they were addressed and remedied (eventually).
      Was thinking this too chas, looking into emotions, and so glad I opted against a Q7. Feel I'd be having issues, unhappy with caster housings, and not being able to get emotions would be ticking me off right about now!

      I'd go with the ZR, I loved the only titanium chair I've demoed, just a big difference. it was a GTi, but still. and I just would be leery of the Q7. some love, some hate

      Really weird that the Q7 is not reinforced, to me...


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        Originally posted by Crappler View Post
        New chair time. YAY!

        I know, another thread about one chair versus another.

        I'm pretty gung ho on getting a TiLite ZR, and I had my seating guy come in today for an eval to start the process. The evaluation went well, and hopefully getting a new chair won't be an issue with my HMO.

        He's a Quickie rep, so that's what he pushed on me. He's talking about the Q7. Do you guys think one is better than the other?

        Before decide to order the ZR, I also tested the lightest version of the Quickie Helium (Q7), the 'Electron' (see below the versions just to have an idea).
        It was very light but seemed almost 'made of plastic' quality-wise, never won my confidence. I wouldn't consider it especially if you are a person that makes hard-use of the chair.
        I even appreciate more my Quickie GT in terms of robustness (although it has other downsizes respect the Q7). If hypothetically I'd had to choose only Quickies I would choose the GTi, even if it's discontinued, it will sure last you longer. But as it's not the case, stick with a nice selection of chairs around..TiLite seems to have gain much appreciation as you can see for yourself
        Although I have not yet experience with TiLite (only few hours for testing and spec'ing) so my judgment is incomplete , you know my vote already.
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          Originally posted by ReArkou View Post
          Although I have not yet experience with TiLite (only few hours for testing and spec'ing) so my judgment is incomplete , you now my vote already.
          I've been watching your thread closely, and I can't wait to see pictures of yours.
          I've had 2 TiLite TR's in the past. I've loved them both except for the Frog Legs on my current TR.

          The ZR is what I've been leaning towards to begin with, and everybody's replies seem to back that up.

          Thanks for all the feedback so far, all.
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