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  • Bought me some skins

    Hey everyone, over the last few years I've noticed how cold my legs and feet get, even on a mild day. I keep the circulation up when possible and do a little leg exersize, keep my legs raised at night etc.

    I can generally keep my legs warm on a normal day but if we go to the movies or out at night my feet and legs end up feeling like ice blocks.

    I'd bought some long johns a few years back but gave them up as a bad joke. Under jeans they are an absolute nightmare...because they pull and rub on the jeans and end up twisting around your legs because of the velcro like action caused by the two similar materials rubbing slipping, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, I revisited the long johns last week when we went to the movies, they worked well, but did start to display some twisting etc. that next day I saw a dude running along with a shiny pair of skins on his legs.

    BANG...the old brain struck upon an idea, hey the skins are shiny and the would work on the same principle as my parachute material slider transfer sheet. The shiny nylon/spandex would be awesome under jeans because they'd slip along under the denim without twisting around my legs.

    So I took the plunge today and bought a pair of A200 Skins from sportspower. I have them on now, they feel awesome and slightly fetishistic. Will keep you posted on thier benefits.
    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.

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    I use silk long underwear, never had any issues with them under jeans. I've even done tights, silk long underwear, then jeans for added warmth. So thats an alternative to thermal long underwear and much cheaper than the "skins." But then doesn't have the other benefits I read when looking up those things.
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      I have a pair of Skins' recovery tights. They don't do much at all for insulation, but the compression is helpful for sure.


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        Hey Scott, the brochure/booklet i got with my a200 skins says the (dearer) a400's have some sort of insulation tech in the fabric, but they are like another $60 odd bucks on top of the a200 recovery tights price. ($125).

        Why don't they just make things with every option already on them?...bloody hell.

        Oh, yeah the compression factor is just amazing and did improve the overall retention of heat in my sticklike legs, but yea, if they had the extra 200% (their calculations, not mine) insulation property of the a400 id be toasty!.

        And Lin, yeah the Skins are pretty pricey for what they are, I totally agree.
        "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.