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    I have Quckie GT. I know that you feel sorry for me it is ok I have come to accept my crappy chair. With that being said; I was given a new set of camber tubes. My chair currently runs 3 deg the new ones are 6 deg. I looked at the Sunrise scematic and it wants me to take the chair almost completely apart to swap tubes, ie backrest and axle plates.

    After looking at the set up i believe that I can drive out the small pins that retain the camber tubes incase they come loose. I do not see any other issue. I do not want to make my chair any wider than it is now. I do understand that changing the camber will ad some width. I do not want to remove the whole assembly and swap axle plates from left to right. looks like that would add one inch on each side plus the increase of width due to camber.

    So if you have abny suggestions, or if you have done the same let me know i am trying to take some pics to post if i can figure out how. NOOB.

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    Changing from 3 degrees camber to 6 without changing axle length will bring the top of each tire about 5/8" closer to your back-rest frame (presuming 24" wheels). Is there room for that?

    I don't know how Quickie does it, but TiLite glues the camber plugs into the camber tube, then sets the pin just to strengthen the joint. Trying to remove the camber plugs may turn out to be more work than disassembling the chair. I've never tried it, though.
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      The tubes are a machined slip fit. The axle has a machined cut out that the pin slides through for alignment purposes. If i remove the pin, i can still use a small drill bit for alignment.

      I understand the clearance issue at the backrest canes. The Quickie axle allows for the camber tubes to be clamped at any given width. ie 1-2 inches on either camber tube.

      I am pretty mechanically inclined, it seems do-able. I guess I was looking for reassurance from someone who has done this.
      I am going to post some pics,
      "You don't have to stop hiking, maybe just change a few trails"... advise from KM my T.R.


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        yes its do able. and yes it can be done. here's the kicker thou no matter what you do the whole axel tube has got to come off. been there done that. after that its a brezze.


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          if i punch the pins in why would i have to remove the axle. when you removed to do the swap did you switch left and right axle plate maounts or leave it stock.
          The pin in the camber tube is the only thing that will not clear the axle clamp. No pin and she looks like she wll slide right out.
          "You don't have to stop hiking, maybe just change a few trails"... advise from KM my T.R.