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    Terrific detail!

    For me, it boils down to propensity of use. I'd rather have a slightly tight Freewheel setup, for occasional use, than a loose fitting footrest for my normal use.

    What I notice is that my shoes aren't the same width from front to rear, so when the Freewheel is attached, they sit ~1/4" forward on the footrest, and they're a perfect fit. When I really want them to be secure, I pull them back and the soles lock in, nicely.

    Everyone's mileage will vary, but this is my preference!

    Originally posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    The widest section of the clamp for the FreeWheel is 1" wide...

    It is more important to think about that extra inch when you have a tubular footrest and the outsides of your feet are already in contact with the tubing at the bend where transitions from horizontal to vertical.

    This may be more of an issue with a V-front because the bend may have more of an effect. This V-front has a 12" footrest spacing, but the actual useable footrest width (where the tubing is completely horizontal and the feet can be completely flat is only about 9.25"). If your feet are displaced outward too much by the FreeWheel's clamp, they could be forced up the side of the extension tubes. This can lead to excess pressure or displace one's feet upward where they are more likely to accidentally bump and dislodge the clamping lever.
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      Your CCC posts continue to exhibit some excellent, visually descriptive pictures. Good job!


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        Originally posted by patd View Post
        I would. When I wear boots in the winter it's good to go.


        Hey pat! the freewheel can be adjusted to any footplate depth?

        Doesn`t matter about if you have footplate or a open footrest?

        So if i`ve got an open footrest with 14cm depth will attach ok?


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          Hey Toto, the FreeWheel can be configured to fit many different designs of footrests, open and plates. Also, different depths of footrests are easily fit. The setup guide comes with it and/or is available at Let me know if you have any more questions. Pat