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    Hey All,

    Now that I know I will be able to drive, I am thinking about vehicles and what will be the best thing.

    I have been told that because of perceptual issues, I would be better off with a small vehicle. However, I feel like a car would be a really bad idea (breaking down my chair would be to much because of shoulder issues) and so I was kind of thinking of a quarter ton pickup and having one of those arms installed to throw the chair in. I also find that sitting higher makes it easier for me. When I go to take my road test, they do have a rule that I will have to transfer into whatever vehicle I chose to drive for the test. I currently transfer into the front passengers side of my brothers truck with no problems.

    Feedback from folks who have trucks or just general thoughts?


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      Look into gosichi (sp). But there have been many posts recently about major production delays.
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        I went with a station wagon for the first 6 or 7 years, and then switched to a minivan. I love having the ramp so that I can wheel into the van and then transfer into the driver's seat while staying warm and dry. Most folks who have been cripled for 15 years plus will advise you to save your shoulders, and having a ramp van really helps.
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          I've heard that lowered floor vans are particularly good because they're cheap, large enough for driving equipment as well as a wheel chair lift/ramp.
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            Do you have a rigid or folding chair? Have you considered a Quigley? Aside from being on the large side and a gas hog, they give you a high ride height and excellent offroad capabilities. There are plenty of threads from truck owners so just start with a search if you haven't already. To be honest, if you don't want to deal with the long transfers and dragging the chair in, get yourself a minivan. It really is the most convenient vehicle out there. You'll realize it on wet/snowy/windy days.


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              i don't know about cheap, but ramp vans are darn convenient, i used to pick a few days and do all my running in one day, now i just go anytime, anywhere and don't have to break my chair down 26 times in one day........and my vette was easy in and out, my 4 wheel drive was quite a jump......maybe i've just got old and lazy after 22 years......


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                Im still drving the 2000 honda civic i was paralised in. Its super easy to get in and out of and break the wheelchair down and put it in the passenger seat.


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                  I have a TiLite ZRA (rigid). I see what you mean about breaking down the chair but, I wouldn't need to do that if I had one of those Bruno arms.


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                    I have the Tilite ZRA and drive the Toyota Venza. I love it. Provides plenty of room, great gas milage and it's sporty and comfortable. I'm including a link with pics. The transfer is not bad at all. T-10. I'm a little higher off the road with an SUV kind of feel but the comfort of a luxury car. I break my chair down and put the wheels and cushion in the back seat and the frame in the passenger seat. When my husband is with me then he sets the whole chair in the cargo area WITHOUT breaking it down. LOVE THAT! Good luck to you on your car search.

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                      I got myself the Mazda 5 and a speedy lift, and never looked back. In the car or out the car in about 10 to 15 seconds.Love it.
                      1 minute to 2 minutes for my Mach 1.
                      Good luck on your search.