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Help finding part. Stainless steel threaded tube thing.

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    Help finding part. Stainless steel threaded tube thing.


    I lost a part on my sophur handcycle attachment and am trying to find it or something similar that I can modify. Looks like it should be simple enough, till you spend weeks searching on the net on not even coming close. So hoping one of your marine / mechanical types have some idea of places I could try.

    Originally it is a metric part, but if I can only find something in standard I'll work with that.

    It's 40mm long, OD 12mm, M8-1.25 thread, the bar passing through the bottom is solid and approx 6mm OD. It is threaded a good 30mm of the length. It can be longer than 40mm, just not shorter, but would need thread running the length of it.

    I only need two. Most of the searching leads me to China and of course orders in the thousands so not helpful at all.

    Marine type gear seems to come closest.
    Maybe using half a turnbuckle if I can find a source here in the US.

    Swage machined fork terminal(inside thread)

    Seems like I can get real close, but then it's impossible to source the part. Even finding stainless steel threaded tube is seeming to be impossible.
    If anyone has any ideas or leads that would be totally helpful.


    I looked on, really figured they would have something but no luck. Your best bet is getting a machine shop to build you a few, look on craigslist for some local smaller job-shops or guys with lathes in their garage. If you can't find someone local shoot me an email, I can probably machine up a few for a decent price


      Perhaps these guys: or Quickie themselves, they bought out Sophur years ago.


        Why does it have to be stainless? Looks like it would be easy to fab out of steel.
        I have a friend in the marine hardware business. I'll take her a picture and see what she has.


          You might surf a bit under hardware for cable railing. I have seen the cable rails around decks that use a piece similar to what your showing as anchor points/tensioners that are inserted into corner posts etc. for dead ending and tightening the cable runs. I gotta run out of town for a few days but I will try to look more or follow up when I get back.

          I do know the cable railing hardware is available in stainless. What about posting up a make/model of your chair in hopes of finding one that could be parted out. Is there such a thing as a junk yard for chairs? Good luck. EW