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Sitting lower: add more dump or bigger rear tires

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    Originally posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    On the other hand 4.5" is a lot of seat slope is over 16".

    Then consider you are going to lose a tad bit of seat depth with an ADI back and lose any sag in your back upholstery that may be increasing your effective seat depth. I would definitely get the Schulte Dimension, subtract 3/4" to account for the back, and compare it to the SD you get off your current chair.

    I think the "center of the hub" rule also goes out the window when you use projections. It's more whether or not you feel you are getting optimal leverage. With 24" wheels, that may mean 15.5"--or even lower.
    I think the Schulte dimension is important because I'm not convinced you don't actually have a +2 frame (1" for the FL suspension forks +1" for the custom frame)
    Even though I went through a rehab and got a letter of necessity my insurance still refuses to purchase a chair. This leaves me considering purchasing one myself, so I am revisiting this post.

    SCI_OTR, you mention that 4.5" is a lot of seat slope over 16" but then later state this may not matter when using projections, alluding maybe even more dump. Care to elaborate further? FYI, at this point I am planing on 25" wheels, if I decide to order.

    I know you have questioned my chair for sometime about how much frame extension beyond the 16" seat. I have no question in my mind that it is exactly +1". I can feel where the bend starts under the frame and it is exactly +1" after the upholstery.

    I had ruled out going with frog leg suspension forks again but now I am rethinking that in light of your comments about cantilever frames having a natural suspension built in. My only complaints about the forks is the knuckle that sticks out, they can rattle a bit on certain surfaces and they aren't as sleek looking; I can do enough damage to furniture without the knuckle sticking out. Other than that I feel they function well.
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