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Was injured by my Quickie Q7---anyone else?

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    Was injured by my Quickie Q7---anyone else?

    I received my first light weight. A Q&, and at first was impressed until I had to go down a slight hill. Ive never had a chair with a fixed foot rest in front and threw my good foot down to slow me, but the plate caught me in the heel. Learning curve---no big deal.

    As I sped up just past a medium walking speed, the front wheels started to chatter and flap, and I was thrown almost 10 feet through the air!

    I had a friend take the chair down hill and the same thing almost happened to him, except he has two good legs and jumped out before it flipped. We studied the chair and my conclusion is that the front wheels are 1---too small, 2---set too close back to the main wheels, giving virtually NO support during a turn, and 3---the flexible single pipe that attaches the wheel bends under and keeps the little front wheel from following the rubber edge. It stays sideways and helps it flip. I dont know why it chatters so badly at any type of speed but have heard others with that same problem. One man told me he has gone through 6 caster forks!

    The other night I was on a smooth flat wooden floor and tried to quickly turn to the left. as the front swung around, the front wheel didnt make the swivel , bent under a bit and I found myself on my face UNDER the chair.

    Ive seen this chattering caster wheel thing in a few other columns---anyone here have this problem? Is there a fix? Im afraid of the thing now.

    I havent been "injured" but I have certainly been thrown out forward out of my Q7.......You cant go fast at all unless you are in a mall or something going in a straight little pebble of gravel and you will eat pavement in these things. Im much more careful with it now.

    Thankfully I dont have problems with caster chatter or frame flexing. I probably just jinxed myself saying that though


      I've been in all sorts of different chairs over the past 31 years and all of them get caster wobble at some point generally below 15 mph, I guess chairs are just not meant to go real fast downhill. You need to slow yourself down some to keep this from happening. Like you did you can tighten up the caster in the barrel to make this less likely to happen, but then you will have problems turning the chair if it is too tight. You need it to be able to move freely.
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        Originally posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
        ... I guess chairs are just not meant to go real fast downhill.
        I'm hoping toto will supply the link to his YouTube doing 40mph in his cantilevered Oracing chair.

        I haven't gone that fast myself but haven't had any form of caster flutter since I stopped using adjustable chairs - ie. my new chairs are welded solid with unitine forks set at 90.

        Seems maybe the OP might want to look into a wheelchair skills seminar.


          thread about caster flutter/shimmy.
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            hmmm I hall rear end in my chairs and haven't had this problem unless something is going bad IE bearings ect. I hold on to a power wheels jeep that is pretty fast due to the fact that its been modded and never had an issue. only time I have an issue when I am going fast is if I hit a good size rock or hole. clanking sounds like a bearing went out.

            Q7's are very very tippy! I have heard of people gettiing serious injuries! and frame stress and the frame breaking. for this reason it is always good to check your chair. tighten things up. I use loc tight on some nuts and bolts.


              Originally posted by tooley View Post
              I'm hoping toto will supply the link to his YouTube doing 40mph in his cantilevered Oracing chair.

              This one btw the front wheels are softroll 4" x1.4"

              Anyway the brand is not what make the chair tippy or more or less stable, is the way you order it, so is a fault of this guy or his dme(too short between axles, no much dump, etc)

              For example my box frame is less stable than the cantilevered one, because i order it with a 90º front angle and .5" cog more, so if i would do a video like that one in my box frame, sure i will have to go a bit more slow, but only a bit.
              I don`t want to change my cog, so in the next one i will go again to 85º front angle for increase a bit distance between axles.

              Anyway if we have fluter in our wheelchair sometime is because probably our forks are working too loose, so just tighting them a bit the fluter will go away.
              Mines if i push them spin just a bit more than a turn, is the way i like them.

              This option of tight forks you don`t have it in quickies.

              Look at this two chairs for example, the two are the same brand but one is much more stable than the other, i don`t know you, but i know in what of them i have to be seating if i want stability, but looks like the guy who order the chair of the bottom of the pic dosen`t know it.
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                It's a Quickie, what more can I say. They don't care about quality assurance or injuries caused by their products. They've changed so much thru the years. When Marilyn Hamilton owned it, it was a top notch manufaturer; not so anymore. Their customer service stinks even worse than their chairs do. If there are serious injuries happening due to their design, they should be taken to court and held accountable.

                I use the 5" x1.5 casters to help with the small rocks and stuff. Anything smaller outdoors and small debris will stop ya dead in your tracks.


                  Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
                  Anything smaller outdoors and small debris will stop ya dead in your tracks.
                  This is all you needed to say, the rest was just an opinion.

                  The OP said that this was his first light weight chair, they can be a bit different then non light weight chairs on how they handle and he's learning that the hard way. I know I did, when I first got my first quickie GPV (is that even considered light weight these days) and went down the sloping sidewalk in front of my parents house at full speed like I always had in the hospital chair and it through my ass on my face (not literally). Why? Because I was ignorant of the way the chair worked and was used to the heavy big front casters on the hospital chair that I had done it in previously over and over. Took once to learn that when I got to the end of the slope I had to do a slight wheelie to keep the small casters from stopping throwing me.

                  He could have had a Tilite, Oracing, Colours...etc and if it was set up the exact same way then it probably would have happened just the same and dumped him forward.
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                    My apologies, you're right, I should have stated, "In my Opinion." Saying that, What I said about their quality control and cutomer service has gone down dramatically, no opinion about it, just fact. Not sure if you were around when they first came out, incredible service and chairs back then. It may be the cost of getting so big. Top End went the same direction when Invacare bought Chris Peterson out and it seems Tilite is going in the same direction as far as customer service. I do like the Quickie All Court bb Chairs.

                    It was a lesson learned for sure for Ced lol.
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                      Originally posted by TexasWheelz View Post
                      He could have had a Tilite, Oracing, Colours...etc and if it was set up the exact same way then it probably would have happened just the same and dumped him forward.

                      Yes, dosen`t matter the brand, that ones or Lasher, Icon, top end... and give this configuration: 16" frame depth, 90º front angle, 3" cog, 1" dump and 3" casters and try to do a speedy downhill descent with it, don`t forget phone the ambulance before
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                        Definitely sounds like the problem is either learning to use the chair, or the configuration of the chair.

                        I haven't been dumped out of my Q7 yet. I have been dumped out of my heavy hospital type chair! I've been really booking it at times too, including rough parking lots or sidewalk with my dog pulling me. My roommate has remarked about how now he has trouble keeping up with me, but before always had to remember to slow down for me.
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