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    I just got a M400 and live on farm and have yet to hung up on the lawn on soft ground, even mud this chair can really go throw a lot. My M400 is replacing a Pride Q6000 I would never buy a anther Pride chair there such a differnce in the chairs the permobile ride so much better.


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      I've been using my Corpus 500 for a few weeks now and so far so good, I am extremely pleased with it. The Permolock which I have fitted in my van is excellent, although it does take a little bit of getting used to.

      However, what I am not happy about are the backpack clips that I also bought with the chair (see picture below) the quality is absolutely atrocious, in fact both of mine have broken already, and this is before I even put a backpack on them. It seems that the vibration alone has literally shaken the springs out of them. The ones in the picture look quite substantial and fairly good quality, the ones that came with the chair are just rubbish. Permobil have got the cheek to charge £17 for these two clips.

      The clips above look fairly robust, the ones I got are just cheap rubbish

      The only other gripe I have about the chair is that the seat is a little bit creaky. I'm not sure whether this is got anything to do with the seat being designed in several pieces, but it can be a little bit noisy sometimes, I think that they should address this.

      But all in all, the chair is very good, extremely comfy and I am very happy I bought it. I will be even happier when they sought these problems out that I have been experiencing.
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