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Anyone have a problem with LED R-Net joystick for Permobil C400?

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  • Anyone have a problem with LED R-Net joystick for Permobil C400?

    I've been looking for a way to decrease the arm weight on my 1 year old Permobil C400. So I went from the long LCD R-Net to the shorter LED R-Net. After the switch, the chair died the day after I got it home.

    Now my DME vendor says this is a bad joystick product because:

    1) Permobil doesn't have a mounting bracket for this joystick, so the vendor had to "jerry rig" it together, and the connection is unstable with no solution to fix it.
    2) Plus the wires on the joystick cable are very unstable and break a lot, and also the pigtail between the cables has a propensity to break.
    3) Also there are many complaints about this particular joystick, but PNG (who makes the joystick/cables for Permobil) will not fix their product until they are sold out of what they have. In addition, they will not label the bad product, so there's no way of knowing if they decide to fix the product in the future whether you'll get a good one or bad one.

    I'm currently looking to demo the small CJA joystick, but won't be able to charge through it. This is a problem for me because Permobil designed the charger port on the C400 base to be plugged in at a right angle to the side, instead of directly from above as on my Chairman Entra (I could go on and on about how I love my 11 year old Entra, and the new C400 design sucks on so many different levels, but that's for another day).

    This is all compounded by my bad experience getting the chair in the first place with a not-so-helpful vendor (it's taken over a year and it still doesn't work). However, they are the only vendor in town who know how to work on Permobils.

    Anyhow, suggestions on lessening the arm weight and any joystick options are appreciated.

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    Here's an update - I spoke with Roly, a technician at PermobilUS, and he told me the R-Net cables that have this propensity to break are the same in ALL the joysticks and hubs. There are 7-8 cables and they are ALL PNG cables with R-Net electronics. This is crazy to have 7-8 UNRELIABLE cables in a brand new product!! Permobil admits there's a problem but says they have no idea when PNG will fix their cables. Arrgghhhh!

    Anyone else having this problem?