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Powerchair running on snow

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  • Powerchair running on snow

    Bounder powerchair runningn on snow.

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    Looks a bit too cold for me. How deep was it?
    4/6/97, car accident, C5.


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      Originally posted by Raccoon View Post
      Looks a bit too cold for me. How deep was it?
      I don't know, I just found the video on Youtube.


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        Knobby tires make a big difference. Most front or rear wheel drive chairs will do well on level ground with agressive tires. One we start up hill in deeper snow is when traction is lost. I have found front wheel drive is better for the same reason that it works on vehicles, the chair pulls itself instead of pushing.
        I would be conserned with the exposed drive belt on the video though. Bounder powerchair bases have been used for many inventive projects I've seen over the years so they must be me reasonably functional and powerful.
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        No Tri's or hand function.

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          I was concerned about the exposed belt too but .. I had a girlfriend who had almost 20 years on her Bounder and it had the exposed belt, she said there was never a problem. It's not the same situation of course, she wasn't driving through snow. But I have to figure the designers know what they're doing.


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            I've driven my chairs (Invacare Storm and Ranger models) in snow up to about 5 inches or so deep and never got stuck, provided I was on the road, sidewalk, ramp or hard-frozen ground beneath the snow. I hate cold weather, but every year after our first big snow, I wrap up tight and go do donuts on the side-streets and get going fast and turn the chair off and do a slide. Stupid I know, but fun.
            Are those belts toothed or slick? My first chair (21 years ago) had belts and would spin out if they barely got wet.