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    Originally posted by stephen212 View Post

    I think part of the bow you and Christian owe yourselves is to revisit your modesty about applying logos to the chair. Actually, the chair's real estate is so spare that there isn't much room to be immodest. I think the frame's "crotch" -- boy, I wish I knew the technical term you guys use -- or is that the technical term you use? -- between where the frame tubes insert would be an ideal location.
    At that location, will female users feel comfortable with someone straining to "get a peek" at who makes their char?


      Thank you, but I won't do it, and not for reasons of modesty. We're not all that modest. We're out to make the Icon the best wheelchair in the world, and will work to make sure that it will continue to improve.


      It's a wheelchair. A piece of equipment that could and should change a person's life, not dominate it.

      It's not an advertising opportunity. The "branding exercise" is to be so innovative and stand out so clearly that we don't need to brand the chair, and again, with all apologies and due respect to the current offerings in the market, without a logo, most people couldn't tell any of them apart.

      I think we're getting there - now the challenge is to figure out ways to stay there.

      Our goal is to make this into a real life '50's ad campaign - "It's so good, it must be an Icon."
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        Jeff, I would like to offer you a word on the logo for the chair. Stickers Suck Balls. They come off so easy. if your really gonna do a logo lazer etech it.

        By The way Jeff You Chair Is AWSOME! I Love It!
        As I said Before I think The Chair is sexy. has a one of a kind look. and well rounded. looks like everyone is falling in love with your chair!

        I fell in love a long time ago.

        have you thought about trying round bettys?


          Jeff, you know, you could say "Icon. Fits. For Life.". That gives you a play on words about what makes Icon different. Life, as in adjustiblity over the lifespan. Life, as in getting out there and living full throttle. VROOM!

          That could lead into advertising that was constructed from examples of the two meanings - because that's basically the whole point of the Icon.

          And props on the Icon. It's great!
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            Originally posted by JeffAdams View Post
            Jeez. I had really hoped that this was just going to be a thread with a bunch of compliments about my ride.
            After seeing it in person yesterday, GREAT RIDE! Thanks again for contacting me and then meeting me before you flew out, was impressed with the chair and hope to be able to own one soon.
            Most everything I say is


              Originally posted by JeffAdams View Post
              And finally seeing it under people's butts is the best thing ever, but how we feel? Hmm. This is as honest as I've ever been - I'm petrified. We now need to deliver, and deliver on time, and exceed our own best effort.

              I feel like I used to in my racing days - it was never my competitors that scared me, it was the intensity of my own effort, and living up to and exceeding that intensity. Christian and I owe our girlfriends some serious vacation time soon. It's been a long road to get here, but now that we're here, there's a lot of road yet to cover.
              it's not surprising it would feel like that, performance theory would say they are remarkably similar. task performance = aptitude x intensity x persistence x etc. so while the arena is different, the factors are basically the same.

              It's a lot easier to sleep at night though when you know you've given 110% on the factors that go into performance. A lot easier.