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Looking for a good water bottle for quad hands

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    I use the Camelbak and can open it pretty easily with my mouth by pulling the spout back with my front teeth. The loop is perfect for my thumb too. I only use it while sitting up though. I'm a c4/c5 quad.

    Good luck and Happy New Year!


      I thought you looked familiar! You were on my Verizon Homepage this morning!

      I really hope all your dreams come true!


        I just got a tervis with a removeable handle for xmas, I really like it. You can get lids and straws too. I can get the lid off n on ok, it gets easier to get off n on as u use it. The 24oz cup fits under my Kuerig. Got it at Bed Bath n Beyond.


          I have been using insulated hydration packs for 6 years and tie them to my bed railings at night after filling them with ice. I added a longer tube to make it easier to drink at almost any back angle.

          Need to watch plastic water bottles as most of them require a "squeeze" to get a decent drink. I have about a dozen I can not use because of quad hands.

          Rubbermaid Chug Sport Bottle, 20 oz.
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          C 5/6 Comp.
          No Tri's or hand function.

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            Hey ECUrach isn't funny all the things we will put in our mouths now, i use the brita water bottle i'm a c5/c6 quad doctors say i function at a c6 level i'm able to get my hands arond the bottle and one hand around the lid thing and unscrew it, sometimes i have to fight with it awhile, but i always get it


              I use a regular 24oz camelbak water bottle from eastern mountain sports. Then I get these lids to replace the camelbak bottle lid. They are made by humangear.


                The company I work for makes this camelback bottle. The handle is nice to clip somewhere, and also, you can slide you'r hand under the handle and turn the bottle to remove it. Really good if you can't squeez the lid to turn it. Honestly its not the cadillac of products but it gets the job done. It could be easy to make to with a little help from someone with a drillpress. In that case you can just go on amazon and by just the camelback tubes and drill a hole through the top of good nalgene bottle or something.