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getting a new wheelchair; any suggestions?

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  • getting a new wheelchair; any suggestions?

    Last Thursday, I got hit by a car while wheeling across the street to get to a bankruptcy lawyers office. I am okay, just a lot of bumps, scrapes, bone bruises, and whiplash, but my wheelchair took the brunt of the entire crash. The entire left side is crushed and the wheel looks like a pretzel now. The EMT's told me that if I hadn't been in a wheelchair, I would have sustained more serious injuries.
    As a result of the accident, the driver's car insurance is going to pay for a new wheelchair for me, since the one I was using (Quickie GP) was destroyed. My chair was customized and had several features on it that cost a lot, including Spinergy wheels, a flip-up footplate, FrogLegs caster suspensions, and fold-down push handles. When my insurance paid for the chair back in 2006, it cost them over $5,000, because they also paid for a new cushion (a Jay 2 cushion) at the same time.

    Now, I have been looking online to try and see what wheelchair I want to get. I have been a long-time Quickie wheelchair user, but I am seriously looking into getting a titanium wheelchair. Is this a good idea? I am wanting to get something that is much lighter than my Quickie GP wheelchair (which weighed almost 30 pounds), but I am worried that the lighter wheelchairs might wear out faster. The only other wheelchairs I have ever used besides Quickie is Everest & Jennings.
    Can anyone give me some suggestions into good quality ultra lightweight wheelchairs?

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    TiLite is the only titanium game in town. Search this forum for TiLite ZR, TR and you will find a wealth of info about them, lots of pics and sizing threads, too.
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      Originally posted by DaleB View Post
      TiLite is the only titanium game in town. Search this forum for TiLite ZR, TR and you will find a wealth of info about them, lots of pics and sizing threads, too.
      x2 . . . after you've searched some (excellent posts by SCI_OTR), ask any questions you want. We'll be eager to help.
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        Check out Icon Wheelchairs



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          Invacare Top End Crossfire Titanium.... Love the simple open frame.


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            +1 on the titanium option -- a side benefit, AL chairs are painted and subject to chips and scratches with use. The bare Ti metal (polished or matte) will look better far longer even with much abuse.


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              My Tilite TR is the best chair I've ever owned. It's incredibly smooth, very strong and I think good looking. Not super light though. It actually weighs half a pound more than my much much older Top End Pro-T.

              I'm buying an Icon and should be getting it in the next month or so. I tried it at the Abilities Expo and I think it's amazing. It is very light, starting at 21lbs and if you upgrade on some parts can get it even lower.

              There are a lot of choices out there and everybody has different needs. At the time, my TR was the best choice I could make and it was great. I saw the Quickie Q7 at the show and thought it looked very nice though I didn't have the chance to take it out and try it. I think you'd do well with it. You'd do well with a Tilite (I prefer the TR) and that you should definitely check out the Icon. It's unlike anything else and may not be your cup of tea but should be considered along with the others so you can make a good choice. My 2 cents. Good luck.


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                Holy Cow, good thing you are OK. Now milk this for all its worth, get a "lifetime" chair such as a Lasher BT-MG.