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Permobil C300 Corpus 3G with HMC Compact Joystick

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    Permobil C300 Corpus 3G with HMC Compact Joystick

    I will remember 2011 as the year when most of the highly complex "project chairs" I did were for users who had extremely marginal upper extremity function for joystick driving. The most challenging barrier for many of them was being able to make sharp left turns.

    That was the case with the recipient of this Permobil C300 Corpus 3G powerchair..

    This end user not only had extremely limited external rotation in his left shoulder, his spasticity varied from day-to-day (Note that the joystick is actually positioned slightly to the right of midline). To provide slightly more contour to the Corpus 3G Ergo back, I requested an 18" wide cushion for the 16" wide back pan. The additional padding wraps around for more lateral support.

    The C300 was equipped with the HMC Compact Joystick Light which only recently began appearing on Permobil's order forms. It requires very little effort to move and came with a very adjustable Permofix adjustment hardware to attach it to the midline mount. In order to get his hand up and onto the joystick, however, I had to forgo the Permofix hardware and mount it on a custom base I fabricated from 1/4" ABS plastic. This positioned the joystick 1/2" lower than was possible with the Permofix system. To reduce the distance he has to lift is hand to get it on top of the joystick, a custom hand support was later added...

    The R-net attendant control was ordered with an extra mounting link and I modified the knob to make it easily retractable so that it would be less-vulnerable to damage when not in use, yet far enough away from the backrest to allow a caregiver to comfortably operate it--even with the seat tilted about 15 degrees.

    Permobil's Corpus 3G armrest have a "medial swivel" feature which can be locked or unlocked. On the joystick side, the swivel is unlocked. This allows the joystick to be positioned in slightly different locations to accommodate day-to-day variations in his spasticity. It also allows the joystick to clear the backrest when it is flipped back out of the way...

    For "tilt recovery", I fabricated a custom Stealth "Eggrest" with a quick release input jack at the top of the backrest. A standard Egg switch is mounted on an ABS plastic base and mounted to the shell using threaded rod instead of screws to provide some adjustability...

    This type of chair falls into the category of "complex rehab" that those in "the industry" are desperately trying to exempt from Medicare's competitive bidding program.

    The true value of this chair is much, much, greater than the sum of its parts. Unless one has actually been involved in identifying the specific items that need to be ordered and how those items need to be configured to meet the unique needs of its end user, it is not possible to appreciate how much thought and effort go into the end product.

    It's a shame that many of those responsible for making policy decisions would not make a distinction between a chair such as this and those captains chair equipped powerchairs you see in television ads that can be had "at little or no cost to you".
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    I thank God every day that I spent a couple years in the Army. As a Quad, practicially every thing I hear about nowadays reguarding disability issues is down right frightining.

    I am sure that this chair will be absolutely terrific and will surely make this fellows day.
    Damn fine job.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

    Far better it is to try mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure. Than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much or suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory or defeat.

    Teddy Roosevelt


      Beautiful chair. The C300 is a chair I have my eye on. And that mini joystick might work for me as I now use my hand protonated to drive due to shoulder weakness. Thanks for the ideas.


        This is a trippy thread. I was going through SCI_OTR's posts on power chairs and discovered the above post, typos and all (was supposed to read 'pronated')

        I had posted it 10 days before my left power arm died over the Christmas holidays. Now I really need a mini joystick! I also need a midline drive position so thanks again SCI_OTR.