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Pool chair for wheeling straight into pool?

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    Curt, we're on the same wavelength. I've envisioned building a home with a very similar "roll-in" pool setup.

    Thinking it through I see it as rolling in and floating off the chair to swim around, etc. The chair, for me, would be standard wc dimensions vs shower chair type setup. I'd like to have pushrims and standard wheels so after swimming just get back in chair, wheel up / out of the pool, transfer back into 'daily' chair and get on with the day.

    Waterproof parts and components would be ideal but probably not very practical (water gets into everything) so maybe a junker type chair made out of used parts would suffice. As parts rust, simply replace.

    The PVC idea is good, it reminds me of current beachcomber models, but probably not very user friendly in the self-propulsion department. I'm imagining:

    1. Similar dimensions to daily chair.
    2. Pushable by user (independent propulsion) in/out of pool.
    3. Waterproof.

    I'm sure someone's got a design / idea that would work well. Good luck, hope it comes to life.

    Onward & Upward,



      Chris, I do have an old Quickie 2 HP that I can use, just got to get it setup right and do my RTV idea around the bearing seals, like you said, chances are at least a little water will get in, so being that the pool is salt water I will take a fresh water shower in the chair after getting out of the water, I'd want to do that anyway to get the salt off of me. According to the sign your suppose to take a shower before getting into the pool too. Plus according to the sign if you have diarreah, your not suppose to use the pool either, lets hope that does not happen, between that possibly happening and maybe a slight amount of grease if I don't get the bearings sealed right, they'd ban me for good from the pool. Heres a picture of the sign. Ah, being disabled aint always easy.

      So nobody has tried this yet, wheelchair a chair outta a pool? I thought I'd back up going out and pull real hard, I can imagine it's gonna be a trick getting in the chair as my body is gonna want to float. I'm thinking if when I get in the chair I push it back up the ramp just little bit and then lock back up the brakes and then get in. It's all going to be a balancing act, it may be I'll learn how to do this well though like a lot of other things and it'll be a snap once I am familiar with it.
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        Originally posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
        It's too bad the available PVC chairs don't have armrests, it looks like those would really get in the way with transfer in and out of the chair.
        On the one I used, the arm rests pulled up, it just wasn't obvious how, and took us a while to figure it out. The sportaid one also said something about available with swing away arms (I think the pictured one did not have them.)

        As far as getting back in the chair, like you surmised, you just float over it, then pull yourself down and in. I always got a hand wheeling up the ramp ... I was only a few months post at the time.
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