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    I think I've got my information straight, but I wanted to post an inquiry here to double check. I need a new bed with full power. It's necessary for transferring and for my wife to help.

    Medicare approved me for a partial electric with a hand crank for changing elevation. When I asked about my picking up the difference, the dme said no can do because of restrictions under the competitive bidding rules.

    Bottom line if I want full electric, 100% of the cost is mine. Is this how Medicare now works?

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    It is difficult to say because people are still feeling their way around the competitive bidding thing. So far, it has been a downer for patients, imo. Suggest you ask another dme in your area, if possible.
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      As sci55 said shop for another dme. My wife and I use Transfermasters and find them to be of excellent quality. The Classic goes down to 18" and real high with foot and head function as well. I believe Transfermaster on their website or by phone can identify their dealers. They have a clone model which would work well alongside a long twin. I paid quite a bit but Medicare participated about 2 years ago, however, the politicians have been working hard to destroy the quality of Medicare since then.

      Transfermaster offers a battery backup as an option which you hook up to bed power cord and provides 24 hr operation in case of power failure.

      Nothing like a power bed to save ancient, beatup shoulders.


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        I contacted another dme Their explanation, after checking with 3 people is that yes, I could pick up the cost difference because they had a form providing for that option. They had no idea how much I would pick up because they had never done it under the new system. I would hate to be a dme supplier under this new system.

        What am I going to do? I have a line on a used full electric I'm going to check out.

        "Blessed are the pessimists, for they hath made backups." Exasperated 20:12


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          I inquired about that too, because I wanted a Hill-Rom full electric hospital bed, where all of the controls were on the bedrail, because it would be easier for me to adjust, but the DME told me that Medicare's rules do not cover fully electric beds and they mostly only cover Invacare brand hospital beds.

          I asked why they don't cover them, and the medical supplier told me that because of all the new rules to Medicare, they have stoped paying for lots of DME that they used to pay for.
          I have to use a hospital bed, because I need to be angled up due to being on tube feedings at night, and I have to have the foot part raised to reduce swelling in my legs as a result of my birth defect.