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Extended Standing Sessions

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    Extended Standing Sessions

    I'm a T11/T12. I have an EasyStand Standing Frame which I try to use daily after working the full day as a telecommuter.

    I just recently stood the past three days for about two hours per day. Waking up the following morning after a two hour standing session the day prior, my legs actually ache and give off the burn that I used to experience after running during my Bi Pedal days.

    Dumb question coming up: Should I be encouraged by the fact that I am experiencing, what I perceive as muscle stimulation or is this an expected side effect?

    I would like to continue this daily routine as it really does tighten up my core muscles. I'm hoping that with continued use that I might be able to actually begin doing sit ups, with the increased core strength.

    Anyone else out there with a similar experience? SCI Medicals, any opinion on this practice?

    NOTE: I'm an NOT a compensated shill for the Standing Frame manufacturers...but it really does help with the core strength.