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    No, the Ranger chairs are built in Canada and are not yet available in the US.

    If I had to go rear wheel drive, the Yukon would get a serious look.

    I have not heard of the spacers but you can get dulies on the front. Side hills be dammed.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

    Far better it is to try mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure. Than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much or suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory or defeat.

    Teddy Roosevelt


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      Originally posted by Shaun View Post
      So i just got approved for one of these mofo's! Anybody else own one? What are your thoughts?
      How do get approved for something like this ? you must have the best insurance in the world