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Car Accident - help?!

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    Car Accident - help?!

    I've been an adaptive driver for 19 years. Over those years, I've owned 3 Ford T-birds that were a good match for my T-6 paralysis. A month ago, I was in a car accident and my current 1996 T-Bird was severely damaged. I'm now trying to negotiate with the other driver's car insurance company about the damages I am incurring and how to get back to the "pre-loss state".

    They are viewing my T-Bird merely as a 15 year old car and only want to cover the value and the installation of the hand-controls.

    I believe the car has added value because it was a piece of adaptive equipment and that it is now hard to find a similar T-Bird.

    Has anyone had this experience and can you share any advice on how to proceed?

    Does anyone have a good resource to give me guidance?

    Also, how would you calculate the worth of having independence? Since the accident, I've been in a rental car that does not give me full independence - for my "demand letter" I need to determine a way to set a monetary value on the independence that I have loss.

    BTW - long time lurker (most in the cure thread); first time poster.

    Thank you for all who contribute on here!


    If it was the other drivers fault, get a lawyer.


      Maybe some smarter people than I can shed light on this in the same view as you, but I see this as a tough fight. Basically everyone's car is a source of independence.

      In light of your situation, as you state yourself, "how do you calculate the worth", even you don't know, even if it were possible.

      If you decided to sell the same car, prior to the wreck, it wouldn't have been worth more because it represented your independence.

      I have to believe there are other model cars available besides a T-Bird that would work well for you.
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        I think you have the right to have your car fixed. Contact a lawyer.
        My car was just hit a month ago. I explained to the insurance company that I wasn't smart enough to figure out what my car and hand controls were worth, so did they think I should get a lawyer to figure it out? They were very nice and decided to fix my car however I wanted.


          Unfortunately, unless you have specialty insurance for collectable vehicles or special riders on the 'toys', your vehicle is only worth it's NADA value. That's the crappy legal side of it. Now your special-needs items (wheelchair accessories) and other noted items in the insurance company will be counted but getting them to buy you another classic t-bird is not very likely. Nore getting enough to replace it yourself... If you really want to try to fight it, you'll need a lawyer or you'll get nowhere... And they'll still keep 30%.