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  • Jeep Wrangler w/ hand controls

    Let me preface this by stating six years ago when I was injured I sold my XJ (Jeep Cherokee) and missed having a 4x4. I ended up getting a two door VW that was much more accessible for someone with a SCI.

    Earlier this year I decided life was short and I would drive a Jeep again. I mainly missed getting into the back country and camping. Unfortunately my VW wasn't up for the destinations I had in mind. That said I picked up a used JK with a 3.5" lift and 35" KM2s. (It's got a bunch of other goodies too!)

    While the purchase was 100% impractical, I should mention the purchase was made not knowing how I would get into it or how I could modify it with hand controls. However, I was determined I would find a way in and be able to brake down my wheelchair in the process too.

    The modifications were rather easy as I first installed my portable set of hand controls until I could get some Menox hand controls permanently installed. I decided on sticking with Menox since I have the same set up in my VW. Second, I prefer the controls on the right-side and clear for transferring into the vehicle. Finally, I find the Menox more aesthetically pleasing and requiring less modifications to the dash. Really the only other SCI related modification was a velcro handle which attaches to the roll bar.

    I'm happy to report the last nine months of life has been a bit greener. Over the summer I completed a solo cross-country trip totaling over 5,300 miles across 10 states. Most of that time was spent off-road and camping in the back country of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, etc.

    My point in posting this is to inform others with SCI that you don't have to give up your prior lifestyle for good. I was under the impression such a trip would be impossible for someone in a wheelchair. However, I would like to think I have proved that wrong and have the pictures to prove it...

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    So great! Glad you are able to get back to those wilderness spots.


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      ah, an AEV rig... not bad sir.

      (I adapted an '04 Unlimited)


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        You are my hero! How about a video of your transfers in and out of the jeep? If I didn't have to work a straight 40 every week I'd be right there with you.



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          Nice Jeep. My wife and I have a 2007 JK Unlimited. Shamefully stock but it gets us far off the beaten path.
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            Beautiful pics & rig!

            They can have my XJ when they pry my cold, dead fingers off the steering wheel...


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              I am super jealous, I rolled a '79 CJ-5 to join the crip club.



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                How do you guys manage the transfers?
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                  Originally posted by rdf View Post
                  How do you guys manage the transfers?
                  I'm an incomplete, so I throw the chair in the back and use crutches to walk to the driver's door.

                  Was really easy when I started, but I have since had 2 fusions and now have 8 vertebrae fused... Do new challenges never stop coming? LOL


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                    Originally posted by rdf View Post
                    How do you guys manage the transfers?
                    C6/7 here, have a ricon lift in the rear + a 6-way power seat base under the drivers seat. My rig is on 35" tires as well w/ > 4" of lift.


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                      84 Jeep Scrambler. 3 1/2 inch lift, 33's. T-6 complete. 65 years old.
                      To transfer.
                      I put a piece of foam pipe insulation on the tire to cushion my butt.
                      Climb on the tire.
                      Grab the windshield frame up high with my left hand.
                      Put my right hand on the seat.
                      Lift myself straight up.
                      Wait for my legs to stop spasming.
                      While they spasm, I move my left hand to the steering wheel.
                      Once the spasm stops, I lift myself up where my butt is on the seat.
                      Then normal stuff, haul in legs. chair.


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                        @Scott, do you have any pics..I'm a c6 complete..
                        Louie Gonzalez
                        C6 C7


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                          Nicely done! Did you ever practice changing (or have to) a tire? What was your plan in case of mechanical failure? Can you reach the engine? What about bowel program? Just curious, really. I used to take motorcycle camping trips along very much the same vein, and would love to again.
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                            Originally posted by Louie0611 View Post
                            @Scott, do you have any pics..I'm a c6 complete..
                            look at post #1


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                              Nice setup. Where else did you go?