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Big Sale on Ultremp R.1 handcycle tires

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    Big Sale on Ultremp R.1 handcycle tires

    Hello All, Just spoke with Swalbe on a warranty and he was saying they are selling out the remainder of their Ultremo R.1 for 24.99. They are regularly 79.99. They have 30 left.

    That tires came in my bike like std, and i wouldn´t buy them for train, they don`t last long, with just three rides i can see the ware on the tyres, i bet this tires will not last me more than two monthes, they are good tires for a race, but not for training.

    For trainig go for vittoria rubino pro or continental gp 4000, the two tires are avaible in 650x23


      Is the camber set right T.? How much camber is on the bike? I

      I spoke with the rep here in the US and was saying the same thing about needing a better 650c tire. He said they are researching doing the Durango in a 650c.

      It's one of the drawbacks on using the 650c wheel. I don't understand why the h/c manufacturers can't make the forks just a little taller so we can put on a 700 wheel if necessary or a taller 650c tire.. The brake calipers will still fit. THere is so many different tires for the 700's. Not everyone races on urban city streets. We need a wheel that can accommodate a larger tire if anything.

      I used Contis for a long time. They have a very thin sidewall that is prone to getting flats on the sidewall.

      John(Fuentes) has the new UltremoZX and really likes them. I think they are getting rid of the R.1's due to the poor performance of the previous R's. The R.1's dont bulge like the original R's did but never got over the bad reputation of the R's, Hence the upgraded rubber and performance of the new Ultremo ZX.


        I don`t know the camber of my rear wheels, but don`t look much, around 2º or less.
        Yea, my bike came with 650 wheels too, and i spoke with oracing asking why they didn`t put 700 and they said because it will be harder to ride with a larger wheel, you will need a lower rings with that wheels, my rings are 26-36-48, so if you go for 700 wheels just put a 22-32-44 or 22-32-42 no?
        My bike wasn`t really made for me, but some circumtances put it in my hands, but if in a future this guys do a bike for me, i will be sure it will be built with 700 wheels.
        With that wheels you`ve got a tone of tires in the market where to choice.

        Anyway, dosen`t matter much.