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Who's got a goshichi?

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    Who's got a goshichi?

    Tell me about it! I've got some questions to start with....

    What does the inside of your drivers door look like?

    How much room do you have between the outside edge of your chair "tray" and the transfer case hump on the floor?

    What powerchair do you use, and what modifications did you have to make to get it to work?

    How far from the controls are you while driving?

    I will have a full pic review soon, hopefully by this Sunday. The transfer case hump on my 2WD is giving me fits on my manual chair. I dont see how anybody fits in one of these in a power chair. if you do you will require a steering extension you will be so far away. All i have is sure grip push/rock hand controls installed. Right now I am about 5" away from the steering wheel and thats after modifying my chair to give me 3". I have to be right up on it to be able to have full braking control without being too extended plus it gives me more strength to turn the wheel with the stock power steering and reach the shifter good.

    It is one hell of a truck though, I m going to love it once I get it all lined out.
    Life's perceived journey in this PMR is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "holy **** what a VR ride!"
    Pete C6/'97


      I have and toyota FJ cruiser thats 4 wheel and I love it. I am a T7 complete and have no problems with transfers. There are grab handles all over the place and with the suicide back door, theres a ton of room for pulling in the chair. My friend has a 4 wheel full size van with the side door lift. Its the swing out model so it doesnt take much room for him to get out. There are more options then mini-vans or full size pickups. I had a chevy 1500 and it killed my shoulders pushing my self up. On my fj theres a grab handle by your head so i can pull! much easier.


        Thanks for the responses. Do you have pics of your whole interior?